• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

Search results

  1. Bobby lucky

    No button option for videos on my phone!

    Hello! After changing the new phone, I can't access to all videos option in the game! No videos on daily events, no videos on Marco polo side, no videos for fragments crafting and even no nothing on retraining troops! Cleared cash and force stopped the game but still have this problem! Help...
  2. Bobby lucky

    LUCKY FIGHTERS welcome INFORMATION age players

    Hey guys I'm from the LUCKY FIGHTERS grinning the friendly team but working hardly on the alliance improvement. we welcome 1 or 2 strong INFORMATION age players who are tough with DEFENSE base and museums. We use line apps for more communities and war coordination. you will make our team so...
  3. Bobby lucky

    LUCKY FIGHTERS welcome you 😀

    LUCKY FIGHTERS, searching for some strong players, come on and join us . We arearound 23k glory. We war 3 times a week. We welcome some strong , active players, Atomic age and higher, who are eager to attend in the wars and try for the parliament donations. We are a happy , friendly team but...
  4. Bobby lucky

    Searching for ATOMIC and above

    LUCKY FIGHTERS searching for some strong and active players, ATOMC age and higher ... It's a friendly group with strong and communicative guys. We do more communications in the line apps group too. Better not to be a rushed base. A team for wars and the progression to win. If you are the active...
  5. Bobby lucky

    The best combinations for British cwa

    Like to know the best combinations for the british CWA after the new changes? As the factory troops is more effective in the ww !! For sure i won't switch to German till the final rebalance from nexon 😎
  6. Bobby lucky

    LUCKY FIGHTERS is looking for active players

    https://youtu.be/rqefXEvtNG4 ............................. LUCKY FIGHTERS : the level 10 perk alliance,is searching for some strong and active players .Enlightenment ages and higher. we are friendly and communicative .we have back to back wars .It's a fair play alliance . we are international...
  7. Bobby lucky

    Atomic or CWA please

    LUCKY FIGHTERS:The level perk 10 alliance, is searching for some strong and active players in atomic and cold war age players . There are many strong players in the other levels but we need some higher levels. We have nonstop wars. Fast donations. We are a friendly team but serious about the...
  8. Bobby lucky

    Network connectivity problem!!

    Recently i have network connection problem while playing!! It happens to me every one minute!! What's going on? I didn't have such problem before but after the new upgrade of the game, i deal with this annoying problem. My phone network is ok and i forced stop the game several times. I restarted...
  9. Bobby lucky

    Follow our channel

    Hey guys , follow our channel on the You Tube,with the , lucky fighters, name about the attacking different bases. (Lucky fighters channel) https://youtu.be/BcR9UEcARM0 ......... LUCKY FIGHTERS: friendly, serious alliance
  10. Bobby lucky

    Disappointing Marco polo

    Marco polo disappointed us!! My alliance players don't have any motivation to do wars without stronghold troops, as Marco polo ruined that by bringing useless stuffs!! How much money should we pay for stronghold troops? That made us disappointed!! We hope that the next time, Marco brings amazing...
  11. Bobby lucky

    Stop sandbagging!!

    I think: Nexon should ban the 15000 glories and higher alliances with iron ages IN , druing war search to prevent them from sandbagging!! LUCKY FIGHTERS: friendly, serious alliance
  12. Bobby lucky

    Still unfair wars!!

    After the recent update of the game, we were hopeful about fair wars and no sandbagging matches!! But they are still available, unfortunately!! The disapponting point is we deal with unfair glories against them!! 1250 glory vs 56 !! Or 3 vs 1540 !! Or even 0 vs 0 !! We have no cold war age in...
  13. Bobby lucky

    still perk bug!!

    more than 4 days passed and we still have perk bug problem!! It's hard for the level 8 perk alliance to stand perk 2, after doing a lot of wars!! which other alliances have this problem yet!! hope that Nexon fix all the next 24 hours. We are trying to be hopeful about that but so disappointed...
  14. Bobby lucky

    perk bug!!

    when the perk bug will be fixed?! It passed 24 hours but nothing happened!!
  15. Bobby lucky

    Who delets the posts?!

    Who is responsible for deleting the posts?!! And why he does?! Which cases cause him to do that? I think everyone is free to tell his thoughts till to be polite!!
  16. Bobby lucky

    Cheating in world war!!

    Catching cheaters is one of the advantage of replay mode in world war!! Thanks Nexon but boot them as soon as possible !! https://youtu.be/cQ_wXAviJI8 https://youtu.be/H2khQl2X4J4
  17. Bobby lucky

    Deleted my post?!

    OMG!! You deleted my post or it's my tought!! Just said Nexon couldn't help in that strange case?!! But Nexon company is really helpful to solving many different problems. But that case is strange and don't know what to do!!
  18. Bobby lucky

    Can't synchronize the account!!

    One of my friends, can't synchronize his account from the old phone to the new phone!! He did all the steps that could be done but nothing happened!! Even his id player was with green color on Google play game but has this strange problem!! What should we do?! Help us with comments please.
  19. Bobby lucky


    I found a cheater !! Still they are available!! Nexon block them please.
  20. Bobby lucky

    No offer available for free crowns!!

    ​​​​​​I want to install the games that are offered for gaining the free crowns but no offer available in all of the suggested games!! I don't know that it's bug or not but hope will be solved soon, as i need crowns!! ................................................................ LUCKY...