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  1. J

    Ares mocking everyone!

    Once we had this guy that entered our ally, level 400+ everything maxed, said he was on his way to Ares but passed by our ally for a couple days. When he quit, to say thank you of our hospitality he said he was going to do a good donation in parlament. When we see the next day 23000 points...
  2. J

    Marco's Legendary Artifacts For Crowns Error

    The diference is that tizona is a shit artefact and the glove a top one...
  3. J

    DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

    Lol yeah, u mean learn how to cheat or spend thousands !!!! 😂
  4. J

    DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update

    Still got the retrain bug after the update 😡
  5. J

    Marco's Legendary Artifacts For Crowns Error

    I didnt get the artefact for 300 crowns, but very well said, to fix a major bug takes weeks, but to roll back a mistake they made (that makes them lose money) it takes 2-3 days. Lol really bunch of clowns
  6. J

    Drone Factory????

    I dont care about anything...just fck fix the bugs !!!!!
  7. J

    Problems of all updates and their testing

    I dont care about compensation, we are just asking to freaking fix it !!!
  8. J

    And the bug is still rampant...

    100% agree, its a real shame. Nothing else to say
  9. J

    Fix the bugs already

    For me its a disaster, any retrain i loose all the troops, went from attacking 10-15 a day to 2 or is unplayable for me right now ans they are taking forever to fix it, im fed up
  10. J

    DomiNations 11.2.3 Hotfix

    Ya, working on it for 3 weeks now 😤
  11. J

    DomiNations 11.2.3 Hotfix

    Fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. J

    World War Matchmaking Update

    Bro, you are a poison on this forum. Get a life
  13. J

    World War Matchmaking Update

    Our WW today seems very balanced, the first in last +/- 10 wars.
  14. J

    Eisenhower Event

    Easy, the last line worths 200 points, mathematics 😆
  15. J

    Legendary Token Calendar: February

    Yup, march is pretty much the month were everybody will have their 300 tokens ready 😆
  16. J

    16 -18 Planes Cheat

    Not saying that its never a cheat, but most of the time its a replay bug. I know cause it happens all the time to either my attacks or my teammates.
  17. J

    Peace Treaty Reduction

    These BHG guys everytime they come out with something new they causing more problems...useless triumph leaderboard lead to lower x3 the peace treaty time (great idea 🙄)...and that brings more problems than ever. Just accept that you guys didnt think well with this triumph s*it and reverse...
  18. J

    Peace Treaty Duration Reduction

    I did had problems with finding opponents last week-end, but since yesterday all good !
  19. J

    Something strange happened in my ally last week...

    Just wanted to share with you guys what happened last week in our ally. So theres this guy (not going to say his name) comes in lvl 402, he saying that he was the leader of a top 10 ally that closed and now was on his way to Ares (#1 ally in the game). He said he had to wait for the event to end...