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CS should be compensating higher accounts for crashes with more crowns


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Apr 23, 2016
This was not my idea but one I think has great value.... thanks Marianne

There should be a change to CS standard crash policy of handing out 100 crowns. " It should be scaled by age instead of across the board... for example.. Enlightenment Accts should get 50 crowns for attack, Industrial acct get 100 crowns, Global accts should get 200 crowns, and Atomic age gets 300 crowns."

Personally I think the scale should be higher as replacing by crowns what you have lost at any level costs more than 100 crowns.... at atomic 100 crowns is just a slap in the face

Each age works harder than the last to get war ready in terms of resources and national trade goods. There is a huge time investment and commitment in getting these at the high levels and to lose by a crash is devastating. 100 crowns is wrong and does not equate to losing all your troops... generals... tactics... mercs... and those high level coalitions.

If you agree please ask CS for more than the piddly token 100 crowns they offer. They can fix the crashes or compensate us with enough crowns to replace what the crash took

Kaiser Shag

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Aug 21, 2016
I agree, I'm global age and will up to atomic in a few weeks and having a crash during an attack, especially during a WW where you also loose an attack, is devastating.
For example I use :
4 HT mk3 (5 200 oil)
4 howitzers (64 000 food)
8 footers (ok don't care about the costs)
6 Jagdpanzer as mercenaries (6 diamonds and 42 metal !)
4 fighters mk6 (2 380 oil)
3 generals (depends on the generals but also oil and time !)
6 tactics (around 150 000 food)

So nexon, explain please, how on earth 100 crowns shall compensate all this ???