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DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 11.13 is on the way. This is a smaller update that introduces a brand new Councilor and some Quality of Life updates! We also made updates to clean up various UI and text issues.

We’re continuing to dedicate more of our time to improve the Quality of Life in DomiNations. We can’t wait to bring these changes to all of you!

Quality of Life Updates
  • You will now be able to move Mercenary Camps that spawn from cleared forests
    • These camps can be moved to any open location on your main base
  • You can now turn on and off when Donated Troops and Generals will defend your base from Multiplayer Attacks
    • Two new buttons will appear when investigating your Castle/Fort titled “General Defenders” and “Defenders.” These can be toggled back and forth from “General Defenders: On” and “General Defenders: Off.” The “Defenders” button will function the same way. You will also get a confirmation message sharing whether your Generals/Defenders will or will not defend your base with each toggle.
  • Fixed the issue where Player Levels would display incorrectly in the World War Map and Roster.

New Councilor - Queen Seondeok


The War version of Queen Seondeok will focus on Defense: reduced Spawn time, increased HP and increased DMG.

Defender Spawn Time -5%Defender Spawn Time -6%Defender Spawn Time -7%Defender Spawn Time -9%Defender Spawn Time -12%
Defender DMG +7%Defender DMG +9%Defender DMG +11%Defender DMG +14%
Defender HP +10%Defender HP +13%Defender HP +16%
Air Defense DMG & HP +6%Air Defense DMG & HP +8%
All Defensive Tower DMG & HP 8%

The Primary version of Queen Seondeok will focus on Offense: improving the Damage of your Mortar Infantry, some Factory Troops, and your Generals.

Mortar Infantry DMG +5%Mortar Infantry DMG +8%Mortar Infantry DMG +10%Mortar Infantry DMG +13%Mortar Infantry DMG +16%
Bazooka DMG +6%Bazooka DMG +8%Bazooka DMG +10%Bazooka DMG +13%
Machine Gun Infantry DMG +9%Machine Gun Infantry DMG +12%Machine Gun Infantry DMG +15%
Generals DMG +11%Generals DMG +14%
Enemy Missile Silo DMG -12%

You can start recruiting Queen Seondeok for your Council Chamber beginning 10/23!

Additional Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where players could select the Council Building during attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a network disconnect would occur when claiming multiple chests that were automatically opened.
Road Ahead
An updated Road Ahead is on the way sharing an early look at future content being added to DomiNations. You can expect the latest edition to hit the forums Tomorrow!
Many players again discovered problems with alliance reinforcements, troops disappear after donation.
This was fixed in one of the latest updates, but has now returned again.
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Reactions: GOG
It’s ridiculous to say attackers don’t know how to attack. My alliance has great attackers and no one can clear these D bases anymore, and they use premium TT. So you pay for the privilege of 2-3* a base using premiums, a very good museum and a good attack strat. The problem is the constant whining from d players so they can only be be 5* rarely anymore . A whole library room for defense only. And D guys still complain when their base falls …like they should,never fall…ludicrous . D is OP…period and it’s going to lead to good attackers quitting the game, I see it happening already.