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Issues with Android Phone and Chromebook linked devices


New member
Apr 29, 2021
I've recently run into an issue, and I'm just wondering if anyone else is, or has in the past, had the same or similar issue. Since I got my Chromebook a month or two ago, I usually play from that device. Last night the game just died and would not start properly after that after several uninstalls, re-download and re-installs, neither on my Chromebook nor my phone. There were some issues with a different ID number (than what is usually there) showing up in the upper left hand corner of the load screen on the Chromebook. Finally, with the game completely uninstalled from both devices, I was able to install the game correctly to my phone, correct account and all. After a minute or two, I got a message box about having a linked account with different data, giving me the choice to Overwrite that data with what looks like was my data, or Load data from an account in the Stone Age. Of course, I chose to overwrite, and was hopeful that this was the solution to this issue. No such luck, after re-downloading/reinstalling to the Chromebook again, I get a variety of errors...the game screen closes only seconds after it's opened, I get a black screen that just sits there, or I get the usual game load screen with a -1 in the upper left corner where an ID usually is and the progress bar makes it 20% or so and just hangs forever. I let it sit there over an hour this last time. The app info isn't showing any substantial storage or data use, so the app isn't doing (much of) anything while it sits like that.

I've contacted support, and the reps that reply to me just keep parroting that "the game team is working on it". Anyone having or had the same/similar?