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More Blessing types

Mustafa Hwarang

Approved user
Jan 6, 2015
I think that there should be more blessings like: Caravan blessing = Increases the income of caravans for a limited time (like 1 hour or something). Farm blessing = Works the same as Caravan blessing but on farms. Barack blessing = increases the troop space for a one 1 attack usage. Trade Good blessing = Increases the chances of getting trade good from hunting, mining and collecting. Walls Blessing = Increases the health of walls. Stable and Garrison Blessing = Increases the health and attack in stables and garrisons. Reasearch blessing = Decreases the cost / time of researching at the blacksmith / Library. Building blessing = Decreases the time / Cost to build a building (Uses 1 Building). The Dock Blessing = Increases the next reward frim the dock. Troop Blessing = Decreases the cost of building troops. ---- So these are my ideas. U can add more, dislike them or some of them or enjoy them :)