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Museum Artifact Exploit Notice

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BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022
Update 10/31

Greetings Leaders,

As a reminder, we do not tolerate cheating/hacking, or exploits of any kind. Should you become aware of information regarding a suspected cheat or exploit please submit that information to our CS Team. This includes private messages between players. Sharing game information is encouraged, but sharing information publicly on exploits or cheats is not allowed.

The list in question from a previous post was in regard to a previous pass on players that obtained Artifacts through an in-game exploit which was closed down by our team after discovery. We have investigated the exploit and are in the process of dealing with those players appropriately, including removing any and all unfairly obtained items and bans for those found utilizing an exploit.

We at BHG take the integrity of our game to be of the utmost importance. We will always aim to provide a stable, fair, and safe place for our players to participate in. We cannot always share internal processes and procedures with you, but with your help, we will continue to improve upon this game and the community that you all play in.
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