Parliament - University Speed-Ups don't seem to work consistently


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Jun 1, 2018
Our alliance is on Lvl 9 of University speed-ups in the Parliament. In looking at these, University speed-ups don't seem to work consistently. For example, today I have a University speed up that I asked for Alliance help with. It should shorten the time by 2.5 hours (5 helps of 30 minutes each) and it had exactly 4 days left. I also requested building and library speedups at the same time. In alliance chat, I can see the building speedup and library speedup both received 1 help (max 5 and 3 respectively). The university speed up is no longer available for the alliance to assist with. I doubt I received more than 1 help since the building and library only got 1. The time left on the university research remains at 4 days (thought is is possible it was shortened by 30 minutes).

So my theory is that University speedups are somehow disappearing from alliance chat before members can contribute the max numbers of times. I don't think this is consistent but I do think it happens a lot. It could also be something else, not really sure.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar? If others are, it would be great to try to pinpoint it so BHG can fix it.




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Dec 13, 2020
Hi there,

I reported that bug over almost 2months ago. I narrowed it down, to when the player who requested the help, does MP attacks, watches videos or logs of, the next response of to the request, makes this request disappear. I haven't noticed anymore this for Building and library speedups since before Christmas.

Kind regards


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Oct 11, 2020
Be sure the game is not open in the background. If so, close it and open it again. Restart device more often, this helps any application.
Send another ticket if is not working after you did all these.