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timer for law contribution report


Approved user
Feb 28, 2018
It seem that there is a hidden 24 hour timer for the reports:
If i receive the report on Monday at 15:00 then it comes Tuesday not before 15:00.
But if i am not online on Tuesday at 15:00 so i get the report later. e.g. i come online and receive the report at 17:00.
Then on Wednesday the report is at 17:00 (or later if i am not online).

and so on.

Therefore the report becomes later every day. up to the point where i don't receive one because it is too late for me. So i miss one report.
Then the next day i get the report within 15 min after reset and the delay as written begins again.

Please check this. Or add a button to request the (complete) report (as mentioned in other threads).