• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

Treasure Passes Week of 11/21 - Happy TANKsgiving!


BHG Moderator
May 6, 2022

Get your fill this week with Thanksgiving Sales and Treasure Passes!

Tanksgiving is upon us from 11/21- 11/24 featuring T-90 Heavy Tank, T28 Tank, and KV-2 Dreadnought Tank Troop Tactics. All with additional KV-2 Dreadnought Tanks each day!

Then right after from 11/24 - 11/28 we give thanks in our Thanksgiving Pass. It starts with an Instant Retrain Blessing, a 1-Day Speed Up, and General Omar Bradley Troop Tactic. With Daily resource shipments and Instant Retrain Blessings.

Here are your Treasure Passes for the week of 11/21!

The Elephant Pass gets you an Elephant Stable and a starting line up of Elephant Archer and Siege Elephant Troop Tactics. You'll then get a Daily Drop of Elephant Archers!

The War Pass will start with a Nighthawk Troop Tactic, then daily drops to bolster your War efforts that include the Armored Car Mk3 Troop Tactic!

More passes are available at the Treasure Dock!

Additional Passes include:

  • Main Hall Artifacts Pass
    • Daily supply of Main Hall Artifact Chests
  • Speed Ups Pass
    • Features daily drops of various Speed Ups

  • Resource Pass
    • Daily supply of Resources