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We need an option for easy open shipments from inventory


Approved user
Feb 28, 2018
Videos, league boat and others spamming our inventory with small, large and giant gold or food shipments. within some weeks you get hundreds of them. It is really pain to take them to your map and open them. Sometimes the center will move slightly so you can place the next with 1 tap; but sometimes it doesn't. So you move the shipment place it and then the center jump and you can't place the next. Then you need at least 3 taps for 1 package to place it. In this way you place e.g. 50 and then you tap twice each again for open (select and open). ... and then the next 50 and the next and next ... .
We need an option for fast and easy open them. You can require 1 or 2 citizen and maybe double the time for normal open. Would be nice if we can select to open all, or a certain amount.
An other idea is to convert 5-10 gold shipments to an gold chest or gold deposit. and food to amphora.