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    We are looking into reports of Players being unexpectedly kicked from their Alliances. We’ll update you as more information becomes available.
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    We have been investigating an issue affecting a few Alliances after today's Alliance Leaderboard update. A Hotfix is rolling out now!

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I'm unable to buy crowns through the app because I'm having issues with Google pay. Can I purchase crowns another way?
Hello Aurelius, the post in question has been removed and necessary action was taken. Please let us know if an issue occurs again. Thanks!
Hello there Vigiles!. First off I want to say that DomiNations is my absolute favorite app/game I think ive ever played I love love love this game so much!!!! You guys are doing such a great job with this game thank you for getting me addicted to DomiNations! Im obsessed :). Anyways the reason im writing you is because I would like to report a cheater, I run into alot of them and im going to start reporting everyone I run into with a screenshot so we can make this a better game for people who actually play fair, and dont cheat their way to victory! so here is a screen shot! The users name is Onepiece1985 and I dont know if its even possible to have that many catapults,redoubts, and ballistas. Thank you again!
Hello.I have read all your replies about cheaters complainings.You suggest to report all cheaters via customer service.so i did that many many times,sent screenshots obviously showing scums and hacks,report many players and....nothing happened.They still exist and have fun with nexon's helpless.So im asking what is the point of reporting if you guys dont do anything about that???

Second thing is...how we(legit players) can catch and report all hackers when there are so many of them.as i recorded during my whole game,most of top 200 players are very suspicious.i dont even mention about players in lower leagues...maxed walls,illegal amount of gold depostits,trade goods etc.It is becoming that in a very near future there will be more cheated bases than legal.

So guys let me know what are you going to do because i dont want to loose my time,money,effort and passiona anymore to for such a scums.i would rather spend it on other game where my legality will be respected

It is so sad.im felling like diying species of legal players.
My nickname is Szczesne.Im top 40 player with about 2850 medals.

Hello! These are very sad news regarding Base Busters, but since it's business you'll work it out and will use freed resources to make something better in future. (hopefully).

What are your plans regarding Base Busters art, source code, etc? Maybe you can release it to public so fans may learn from you and maybe reanimate the product in some other form?

With best wishes, Dmitry who nearly achieved lvl40. :(
Hey there, i'm also trying for Mimi only a few more referrals left. would be great if you 2 could refer me and ill refer you guys back
Hello Damascus, can you tell me how much is cost for starting a new alliance? I'm leaving current alliance along with several members due to leader going inactive. We want to start new alliance but I'm not sure how much I have to save before leaving. Just thought I'd ask you cause you seem helpful in forum, thanks :)
Hell DarkHeart. That is very kind of you to say.

The cost is 50,000 gold. Good luck to you and your people
Thanks Damascus :)