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Patient engagement is what I wanna boost with the help of healthcare software development. I wanna boost personalization and retention through seamless communication across web, phone, and in-person services. For this I use different modern solutions and develop modern healthcare software
Hi! Kindly check the alliance attached. We are now matched with them and looks like they are all cheaters.


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The cause of this annoying bug has been posted, if you didn't know already

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Hola jugadores extranjeros de mierda cagones cobardes porque no se enfrentan conmigo y se dejan de esconder detrás de un tratado de Paz miedosos por eso todos los que me atacan se protegen para que no los ataque cobardes hijueputas mis tropas son más fuertes y poderosas los puede destruir y Quemarles sus bases de porquería
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I'm unable to buy crowns through the app because I'm having issues with Google pay. Can I purchase crowns another way?
Hello Aurelius, the post in question has been removed and necessary action was taken. Please let us know if an issue occurs again. Thanks!
Hello there Vigiles!. First off I want to say that DomiNations is my absolute favorite app/game I think ive ever played I love love love this game so much!!!! You guys are doing such a great job with this game thank you for getting me addicted to DomiNations! Im obsessed :). Anyways the reason im writing you is because I would like to report a cheater, I run into alot of them and im going to start reporting everyone I run into with a screenshot so we can make this a better game for people who actually play fair, and dont cheat their way to victory! so here is a screen shot! The users name is Onepiece1985 and I dont know if its even possible to have that many catapults,redoubts, and ballistas. Thank you again!