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    Drone age. What’s the point?

    LMAO “diversity”.
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    X Army

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    WW Stats

    I checked dominations.pl after a few years and it seems the website is no more.
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    WW Stats

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    Notre-Dame replaced

    Hi, some days ago after the last update, my Notre-Dame was replaced by the Colosseum. Anybody else has experienced the same?
  6. AlexTheGreat

    Lost phone - any way to restore my account?

    As per subject. I had just moved to Cold War a few days ago (I’m the leader of X Army, by the way). Now I restored almost everything on my new iPhone, but Dominations is prompting me to start from the Stone Age. Any workaround? Thank you.
  7. AlexTheGreat

    Bastion and walls

    Hi, some time after I added bastions to my war base, I have moved the two walls that “closed” the bastion, which were part of my original base walls. Now, I cannot put them both back. Only one! What the real problem is, even if I move the bastion away, I CANNOT close the wall gap anymore. See...
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    X Army

    Hello, we are looking for a few dedicated players, any Age, minimum 300 medals. We go to War about once a week. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (it’s a game!) but we like to win! :) Alex
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    The Space Age 7.0 Update

    Hi, great news! Just a question, I’ve received the notification for the new version a few minutes ago. I’m in the US. Once updated the app (iphone) I took a look at the top players list and many of them are already in Space Age. This one in particular (see pics), he already has the Space Shuttle...
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    Roads in War Base

    Hi, as we know, connecting buildings to the Town Center with roads gives a boost to its “health”. Does this also work for World Wars? Thanks.
  11. AlexTheGreat

    X Army

    We are looking for a few dedicated players, any level from Iron to CW. We are an Alliance of international people from all over the World who fight Wars once or twice a week. We are not into endless chats but we do our very best when it’s time for War. Ad majora semper! Alex
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    Towers used to have a benefit in being connected by roads to the city center (I think it was a health increase - but I may remember wrong). Is it still the case? thanks
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    Is It Worth Having A High Medal Count?

    Can you please tell me where you get your numbers from? See below, these are two defenses that gave me 21 and 25 medals. So 20 as an upper limit is already wrong. It’s called Gauss curve and even though I don’t think Nexon has ever published it (correct me if I’m wrong) I have no doubt that...
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    X Army

    We are looking for a few new players - can be at any age including Iron. Our max level is Global. We are a new, small Alliance, but when we fight Wars we like to think we are doing our best to win. We don’t chat too much and we don’t use WhatsApp or Line or other apps. Everybody is welcome, as...
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    Un-attackable base?

    :) and I just run into this one: