• Glory Decay Notice
    The week of 3/20 will be a Glory Decay Week.

April Legendary Token Calendar

  • 980
  • 3

Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in April, some 7th Anniversary Artifacts will now be available for the first time through Legendary Tokens!

3/27 - 4/3
  • Ashanti Kuduo - 300 tokens
  • Demarcation Stone - 100 tokens

4/3 - 4/10
  • Caligulas Ring - 300 tokens
  • Personal Computer - 100 tokens

4/10 - 4/17
  • Jade Olmec - 300 tokens
  • Napoleon's Hat - 100 tokens
4/17 - 4/24
  • Crescent Blade - 300 tokens
  • Book of Five Rings - 100 tokens
4/24 - 5/1
  • Soul Catcher - 300 tokens
  • Pershing Bas Relief - 100 tokens

DomiNations Update 11.7 - Multiple Events

  • 6,443
  • 98

Drone Age Upgrades
DomiNations Update 11.7 adds an additional upgrade level to the following buildings for Drone Age:
  • Farm from 27>28
  • Caravan from 27>28
  • Wall from 23>24
  • Gate from 23>24
  • Parliament from 6>7

UI Updates


(Actual Prices may vary)​
Multiple Events
Players will now be able to purchase Multiple Event passes starting with Season 1: New Horizons in April.

Multiple Events will give players the opportunity to earn even more rewards week to week. In this introductory version of Multiple Event Passes, you’ll have access to the Standard Season Pass which will last the entirety of Season 1: New Horizons and each week will offer a Standard Episodic Event Pass.

We’re planning to introduce the Legendary Passes in the following season.

Updated Account Deletion
This was a visual update to make this...
Countdown to 8th Anniversary Event
  • 3,486
  • 4
Next week we’re kicking off the 8th Anniversary Countdown Event! As we teased in the Week Ahead we’re boosting Troops, Discounting Upgrades, boosting resources, and a few additional bonuses leading into our New Horizons 8th Anniversary Season to follow.

Starting 3/9 Players can look forward to the following bonuses until 3/30!

Economy Bonuses:
• Farm Storage Size +50%
• Caravan Storage Size +50%
• Oil Well Storage Size +50%
• Crop Blessing Power +60%
• Commerce Blessing Power +60%
• Oil Blessing Power +100%
• Mill Shipment Cost -50%
• Market Shipment Cost -50%
• Oil Refinery Shipment Cost -50%

Troop Bonuses:
• Alexander the Great Damage +25%
• Petra Hererra Damage +25%
• 5-Star General Omar Bradley Damage +50%
• Raider Damage +50%
• Armored Car Damage +50%
• KV-2 Super Heavy Tank Hitpoints +50%
• Pirate Damage & Hitpoints +100%
• Thief Damage & Hitpoints +50%
• Veteran Motorcycle Raider Damage & Hitpoints +50%
• Armored Car mk3 Damage & Hitpoints +50%

Additional Bonuses:
March Legendary Token Calendar
  • 2,636
  • 2
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in March:

3/1 - 3/6
  • Red Baron Engine - 300 tokens
  • Sword of Goujian - 100 tokens

3/6 - 3/13
  • Spitfire Engine - 300 tokens
  • Gemini 8 Helmet - 100 tokens

3/13 - 3/20
  • Da Vinci's Machine Gun - 300 tokens
  • Mountain Division War Kit - 100 tokens
3/20 - 3/27
  • Flamma's Helmet - 300 tokens
  • Vespa 150 TAP - 100 tokens
3/27 - 4/1
  • Ashanti Kuduo - 300 tokens
  • Demarcation Stone - 100 tokens
DomiNations Update 11.6 - New Legendary Thinker of Cernavoda
  • 7,307
  • 54
Legendary Artifacts
Two new Legendary Artifacts for you to display in your Museums are on the way. Once again we’ll be offering one for War Halls and one for Peace Halls.

Thinker of Cernavoda
  • Barracks Troops Damage +11%
  • Enemy Defender Spawn Time +6%
  • Enemy Defensive Tower Damage -11%
  • All Resources Stolen +8%
  • All Resources Stolen +8%

Update to Defensive Drone Directive - Surveillance
A previous bug from the Surveillance Defense Drone Directive would make stealth units like Night Witch become targetable by Tower Defensive Buildings. At the time it was unintentional but we found this to be a great addition to the Directive and as such this will remain. This will also affect ALL stealth units within the space where the Surveillance Directive is active!

Additional Fixes
  • Implemented an additional fix to cover other ways to remove forests for free
  • Fixed errors on Alliance perk 23 and 24
    • ...
February Legendary Token Calendar
  • 2,820
  • 4
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in February:

1/30 - 2/6
  • Welrod MkII - 300 tokens
  • Stopler Revolver - 100 tokens

2/6 - 2/13
  • Antikythera Mechanism - 300 tokens
  • VZ-9 Avrocar - 100 tokens

2/13 - 2/20
  • Yukimura Sanada's Armor - 300 tokens
  • Great Imperial Crown - 100 tokens
2/20 - 2/27
  • Enigma Machine - 300 tokens
  • Nefertiti Bust - 100 tokens
2/27 - 3/6
  • Red Baron Engine - 300 tokens
  • Sword of Goujian - 100 tokens
Dominations Update 11.5 - Council Committee
  • 12,332
  • 92
A brand new year kicks off and it’s time for growth with your Alliances, and a fresh new perspective on how you’ll interact with the Council Chamber. Update 11.5 is on the way soon, featuring both of these updates alongside some additional fixes to help maintain gameplay stability.
January Legendary Token Calendar
  • 3,467
  • 11
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in December:

  • Desert Storm PSN-8 Manpack - 300 tokens
  • Mask of Agamemnon - 100 tokens

  • Ramesses II's Abu Simbel - 300 tokens
  • Augustus Statue Muscle Cuirass - 100 tokens

  • Joyeuse Sword- 300 tokens
  • Ruyi Scepter - 100 tokens
  • Legendary Six Shooter - 300 tokens
  • Korean Scillia Crown - 100 tokens
  • Soul Catcher - 300 tokens
  • Sphinx of Taharqo - 100 tokens
Winter for the Ages is upon us!
  • 4,974
  • 3
Greetings Leaders,

Winter for the Ages Returns!
Winter festivities have arrived to DomiNations! To celebrate the season we of course make a return to Winter for the Ages.

Winter for the Ages will allow you to age up at a discounted price and instantaneously when you do. Looking for a quick way to get closer to unlocking Drone Command? This is the event to do it!

This time around we’re going to approach the Age Up times a bit differently than in the past. For previous events like this, if you could not keep up with aging up in the allotted time you would then be left behind while others would continue to enjoy the benefits of swiftly rising through the ages. That will no longer be the case as you will receive a discount no matter what age you’re currently at.

Starting 12/12 the Age Rush will begin with a 50% discount for Classical, Medieval, Gunpowder, and Enlightenment. The 50% discount will last until 1/9 10am EST, but if you didn’t get enough resources to...
DomiNations Update 11.4 - Defensive Library Update
  • 9,488
  • 57
Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.4 is on the way with a tentative release date of Monday 12/12 (target release date could change should our final checks reveal major issues). Players will need to prepare to update to this version in order to participate in Wars. This is a major update to your Library research! We’ve also implemented a few UI updates to correct some visual issues that have been appearing. Additionally, we’ve done some cleanup on Drone Command related issues that popped up as well!

Defensive Library Bookcase

In our push to bring Defensive players up to speed, we’ve added a new bookcase to the Library that focuses exclusively on defensive improvements.

This new Bookcase will be unlocked as soon as the Library is built with all Level 1 books unlocked by default. The topics of research are as follows:

Upon Unlock of Library
  • Tower Defense
    • Level 1 - +5% Tower Damage
    • Level 2 - +5% Tower Health
    • Level 3 - +7% Tower...
DomiNations Update 11.3.1
  • 1,335
  • 4
Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.3.1 is rolling out now! This update features fixes for various network issues found around the Drone Command Building.

  • Defensive Drone Disconnect Issues
    • Fixed an issue where some players would experience a disconnect when selecting the opponent’s Offensive Drone in the info window of a replay. In this instance, when the Defending player did not have a Drone Command built the defending player would experience the disconnect.
    • Some players experienced disconnects with battles that included Defensive Drones, this issue has been addressed.

  • Counter-Intelligence
    • Fixed the issue where Counter-Intelligence wouldn’t remove or prevent sabotage

  • Upgrading Drone Command Causes Attackers to Crash in WW
    • Some Players experienced crashes specifically in WW when attacking a base that was upgrading Drone Command during Planning...
December Legendary Token Calendar
  • 4,530
  • 24
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in December:
DomiNations Sitrep #2 - Drone Command
  • 2,224
  • 4
Our DomiNations Sitrep #2 is Live!

Our Sitrep series will update you on the latest features and events hitting DomiNations! This edition of Sitrep highlights the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday sales and the Drone Command Building!

Dominations v11.3 Update - Drone Command
  • 3,903
  • 27
Update 11.3 Introduces Drone Command!

Players that have reached Drone Age will now have access to the Drone Command Building which includes an Offensive Drone, a Defensive Drone, and a War Defensive Drone. For a complete breakdown of Drone Command be sure to check out our Sitrep #2 Video Blog Post releasing later this week, or take a look at the Directives found here!

Updates to Offensive Drone:
Offensive Drone is targetable by GCI Radar
Offensive Drone will receive increased HP with each level.

Looking for a head start on Drone Charged Directives? Starting 11/28 you’ll be able to pick up two sets of Standard Directive Crates for 1000 Crowns a pack. That's four total Standard Directive Crates for 2000 Crowns!
New Legendary Artifact - Li Vessel
  • 566
  • 3
Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary Artifact is now available! The Li Vessel focuses on bolstering the APC unit to overwhelm your enemies with Heavy Infantry Units!
New Legendary War Artifact - Maori War Club
  • 1,186
  • 10
Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary War Artifact is now available! The Maori War Club is an artifact that focuses on bolstering your Defensive builds. You can get a shot at obtaining this artifact with the Maori War Club Legendary chest on Sale Now!
The Season of Allegiance 10/27-11/20
  • 4,819
  • 29
Tomorrow is the beginning of the Season of Allegiance, a season in which we’re giving increased stats to a very large number of Units, Buildings, and Tactics. During this Season of Allegiance leaderboard, you’ll want to try and build a composition based around these bonuses to gain the upper hand! These bonuses will only be available during this Leaderboard period and will give the opportunity for you to try out units you may have not used before, or try brand-new strategies!

The following bonuses will be applied to everyone:
• +30% All Resources Stolen
• +30% Victory Stars Loot Amount
• -50% Alliance Law Donations Cost
• +25% Coalitions Power
• +50% Alliance Speed Up Request Power
• +100% Alliance Perk Power

The following troops, tactics, and buildings will be boosted for the duration of the event:
• +50% Paratrooper Damage & Hitpoints
• +100% Ranged Siege Hitpoints
• +30% Ranged Siege Damage against Buildings
• +100% Supply Cart Hitpoints
• +50% Wall Breacher Damage
• +50%...
Drone Command - A closer look
  • 8,197
  • 23
Greetings Leaders,

Things have been quite busy over the last few months! We’ve been hard at work implementing the next steps for introducing Drone Command, the titular building for Drone Age! In August, we gave you a sneak peek at the latest building to be implemented into DomiNations. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at what that brings to your arsenal with the addition of Directives, Offensive Drones, Defensive Drones, and War Defensive Drones. Directives are the core of the Drone Command experience, and they’re going to be taking center stage here today.


As we shared in our August update, the Drone Command building will start with One Offensive Drone and One Defensive Drone, then a separate War Defensive Drone that will be active on Defense to give you additional strategic flexibility when joining in World Wars. Each will have a core set of Directives that you can freely swap in and out before battle. When...
DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update
  • 5,122
  • 34
Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.2.5 is rolling out live with multiple backend updates, some of which include network stability in battle scenarios. This update also includes a major revision to Oil with increased resource generation and how looting Oil from an enemy base works.

Many of you have been very vocal in asking for an update to Oil, a resource that is a necessity at higher ages as it helps to train some of the most impactful units in your Army compositions. We agree that as we continue to add Ages, they continue to gain more dependency on this resource exclusively. We’ve come to a point where updating how you collect this resource is also in need of an update to continue to remain on pace with each subsequent update and to improve the future state of DomiNations.

In the Oil Update, you can expect the following changes:
  • Increased Oil Storage and Oil Generation
  • Reducing the amount of Oil Stolen at earlier Ages from Defending bases while keeping the amount...
October Legendary Token Calendar
  • 5,385
  • 18
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in October: