• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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  1. Brabje

    What new does drone age bring to the game?

    After a few weeks in drone age i can say nothing has changed. Just some new skins over the old buildings and troops.
  2. Brabje

    Out of focus

    I just updated to drone age. Airfield, armory, factory are unsharp. All other buildings from earlier ages are perfect. Its not my ipad as this is 2 years old.
  3. Brabje


    Dear team, lets introduce Drone age as soon as possible. Its time for something new. I am fed up updating walls. waiting 17 days for a building to level does not help either. Don’t worry about bugs. I play around them. Thanks and have a great day.
  4. Brabje

    Co-leader/ leader

    BHG_Muet , is it possible that Co- leaders get the same powers as leaders? We have 2 Co-leaders in our alliance and one leader who has not played the game now for 147 days and is nowhere to be contacted. For many months we asked CS for help, but there is nothing they can do. Now with the...
  5. Brabje

    5 year Dominations

    Oke, when does it start? I have seen no new buildings, only the rare one hour speedups for buildings that take 17 days to level up. and the insane troopcards that last one simple fight. Maybe i have missed something. I love 5 year parties.
  6. Brabje

    Indonesia jaya

    Dear CS, please have a look at Indonesia Jaya. First 5 players are cheaters, rest are sandbags. They are up to 100 levels lower than us, but beat us easily with 5 stars. Their attaqing troops and planes cannot be destroyed. Kind regard, Emile.
  7. Brabje

    It starts again

    Hello, after one year abcense in worldwar, i started again. So not just donating the best troops to my alliance, but fighting myself. It went great. My 8 factory MK9 tanks and 3 high level generals were destroyed in 10 secounds by one anti tank gun. Lol. Chinese opponent. Then my digital age...
  8. Brabje

    Digital age works perfect

    Hi, i went digital age 2 days ago. Beautifull towncenter with animated lights. With saved crowns, updated armory , library, airfield. Updating planes takes 9 days, not bad. The spyplane works perfect when not shotdown and looks great. My compliments to the art team. So far no problems with...
  9. Brabje

    Whats up Tin?

    Dear Tin, whats up and new for this year? I want to keep my alliance, with far over level 220 players together. We are 4 years old now. Lol. Give us a hint. And i don’t mean the summer of the ages, but new stuff to keep the higher levels interested. Have a great day. Greetz, Emile.
  10. Brabje


    @Tin and team, thanks for cancelling the event and the wall manuals we received. Have a great day.
  11. Brabje

    Space age soon?

    Hello Tin, please don’t wait introducing Spaceage till april or even later. The few 15 days updates you gave us last week where due summer 2018. Nothing exiting new has happend in one year except for the museum.This week, 2 of our high level players left. Reason was that they were bored. Our...
  12. Brabje

    Desperate 4 Space age!

    Dear Tim, please tell us more about spaceage. When? Minimum level? Whats new?— from level 250 up we can gain levels with a max of 1-2 a month. Because of the max 2 weeks update time. We all need fresh blood. Its so boring just upgrading defences. To many of my friends are leaving the game. I get...
  13. Brabje

    ROMANIA2018*0SH cheaters

    We had Romania 2017 on this forum as cheaters. Now Romania 2018. Our alliance is almost 4 years old. More than half our players are Far over level 220.From 49 friends we went down to 35 now. Nobody wants to play worldwar anymore. Romania 2018 had max 5 stars with every attaque today. Even their...
  14. Brabje

    Alliance / Worldwar finished!

    Our 3.5 year old great alliance had 49 great members/ friends. Now, 36. In the last month many have stopped playing Dominations. To find 10 to 15 members for worldwar is a challence. Today we just finished a war with an incredible low 22 points. Many members had zero stars, some had 2 max. All...
  15. Brabje

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, here is my wishlist for this Christmas. 1; Snow and holiday trees with twinklelights in my city. 2; Introduce Spaceage, as i am a cold war player now for 10 months. Its getting real boring. 3; reduce the buildtime by half of everything. The 2 weeks it takes now to upgrade an item is...