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    Let's talk about Global Age! Is it worth to stick in it now?

    Hello Domination Community, I would like to have some discussion, especially from players in Global, Atomic and Cold War Ages. I would like to discuss if it is worth now to spend time in Global Age, and if so, what would be benefits and the drawbacks. I am want to have this discussion, because...
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    Pluribus Unum - Portuguese/Bazilian Alliance

    Olá, Somos uma aliança activa, actualmente com 16 membros. Temos membros desde a Guerra Fria até à Medieval, e todos têm hipótese participar nas guerras. A aliança resultou de uma aliança antiga, em que o líder abandou o e entregou a liderança, e desde aí algumas coisas foram reformuladas. O que...
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    Moving Up from GA to EA - University Rearch Approach

    Hi everyone, I have been playing the game ofr almost a year now - it will be one year on February - and I am currently in GA almost maxed out. I have all building and rearch in library done, and what I am missing now are some researches in the University. I have been researching in the...