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    Latest Game Short Time

    I believe that this latest game update is way to eliminate all players who don’t have the time to sit there and play the game 24/7. Your latest game update to shorten the time sucks big time. I along with half of my players have said they intend on quitting the game. Time will tell if anyone...
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    Looking for Alliance Members/Merge Alliance to Form Bigger Teams

    Hey is anyone looking to enlarge or merge an alliance to form a large alliance. If so let me know at DIrty Dogz Attention Captain TIm. Also maybe the game maker will delete some of the non playing alliances in this game. It is very sad that their are teams out in this game that have non active...
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    Bigger game

    How about putting bigger game like elephants, tigers, lions etc to hunt?
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    Diamond Mines

    How about putting in some diamond mines in the game?