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    some more feature requests

    People also want global chat like in clash of clans. Makes alliance finding easier. This is a big one but I want a “colony” mechanic in the game. Like first starting by unifying your nation under your rule and each province yielding buffs. Then colonies to build up, declare war on and again...
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    The command post needs to be/do more

    For some reason people don’t upgrade the command post up to a certain age. Aside from war loot capacity and the 1 off wave it soo lame and useless (and that annoying pop up saying loot is here I get it now go away) This building is oozing with potential and this is what I think it can do. 1...
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    Defensive buildings update Just got inspired by your post.
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    The drone command. When will you show up.

    When you showing more details of the drone command. I maybe enlightenment age and it will take a VERY long time to get there but I want to see what it is.
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    Defensive buildings update

    Once gunpowder age is reached some buildings do need a revamp for defence and more once industrial reached Cannon tower: +1 range in gunpowder and +1 more in industrial age Redoubt: +1 in Industrial Age. (Library has suppression techs already) Tower: critical strike in gunpowder ( chance to...
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    council book case idea

    At this point the council needs a lot of work to make it better. So it needs an entire bookcase to make it good. Chapter 1: increase free daily summons by 5 ( 5 for each chapter researched for 25 extra summons). Chapter 2: reduce cool-down of free daily summons by 5% ( for a total of 25%)...
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    They need a rework. Perhaps a range of 8 would be enough. They’re factory version of artillery aren’t they.
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    My take on National rebalance

    New nations ideas Spanish Expeditions need 1 less citizen and take 20% less time Searching for enemy bases are free Domination gold bonus +20% Unique unit: conquistador ( cavalry). multiplier against resource buildings (x2) and 1 less troop space (2 when industrial) Scandinavia Beserker (...
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    Wonder update ( need some love)

    Bronze age Acropolis: 30% more health and damage for defenders, reduce spawn time around radius by 30% (+1 more range of it) Hanging gardens: 30% more resource from fruit trees and goldmines in radius (+1 radius), 30% more resources from hunting. 10% more chance to find resources from hunting...
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    My take on a Stronghold upgrade/rebalance

    The stronghold should have the following 1. The tower (gold dome) has a cannon for targeting cavalry. Good for Iron Age where heavy cavalry are unopposed till the classical age. 2. The cannon for splash damage to infantry and range infantry. I’d like 2 damage types like the super tanks hence...
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    An idea proposal for generals

    My interpretation for general buffs (there was a post on it but it was gone amidst the forum update) Alexander: continuously spawns companion cavalry (3 on first wave with max of 4). Increases troop level and max cap of companion cavalry and max cap+1 at max general level per age Cleopatra: 6...
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    The world war chests during “of the ages” events

    I’d also like these ages events and other discount events to include time deductions alongside the discounts. Ie: the medieval rush has prices cut in half they must do it for time in the same amount Example 2: the battle of the Somme weekend event include 25% cut in mill upgrade also means...
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    The world war chests during “of the ages” events

    It’s a great time to war cause of the better rewards and legendary artifacts. They’re far more relevant than the old rewards and I wish they were permanent with the legendary artifacts rotating every month. This would make warring more invigorating with these great rewards
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    Revamp of troop tactics and stronghold

    The limit on offensive troop tactics is welcomed. But allow the repeats for aesthetics. Generals too ( to me it’s cool to deploy 3 pike and shot armies at once). For the donated world war. You know my stance… I want them gone. Cause it’s too strong and soo maddening that the worst base designs...
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    Nation update and rebalance ( practically crying out for a spice-up)

    Greeks 20% refund on buildings 20% wonder effectiveness 20% building health Wonders make wave of companion cavalry (2 +1 per age) go up per age Unit: companion gets 50% damage and 30% more hitpoints romans 20% army size 20% barrack training time and general cooldown (less) Tactic +1...