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Recent content by Dhruv patel

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    coalition troop need buff

    for defender coalition mixup their spawn pionts and give them a big boost in hp, dmage like barrack troops in industrial and give them more movement speed (defenders only) chariot archer and toa (egypt and maori coaliton troop respecrively). need more movement speed, hp and attack in industrial...
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    does the parliament need a hitpoint boost

    in the industrial the parliament has only 5000 hp and only gets 1000 more in global... for a defensive building (once laws are done or level7) it doesnt scale well. it needs a quintupple increase of hp (5times) so on industrial it has 25,000hp. and it can fare more better as its upgraded every...
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    Thunder of Cannons - Week Ahead 11/27

    20% off all Building and Troop Upgrades! (Automation Age levels and Manufactory will not be discounted.) so the manufactory is coming this week?
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    QoL: Defenders

    we all asked for defender stats for a longtime
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    TANKSgiving Celebration - Week Ahead 11/20

    to the person... congrats the maori warclub is on sale
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    The Manufactory

    what... its exciting.
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    parliament and missle silo changes

    in industrial age the parliament only has 5000 hp and gets only another 1000 in global and rhe missle silo has 2000 damage a missle it is only good for the offensive missle and single infantry troops (its a mortar with long range) and tanks and helicopters suck up a brunt of their damage making...
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    The Manufactory

    the suspence is killing me... when will you be released
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    Veterans Day - Week Ahead 11/13

    with these seasons what will you do with the info gathered from the seasons? some id like to be kept - 30min alliance speedups to 45mins - 1 extra free council summon - temple of tikal 660% increase (still funny😂 up to 20% removes it from being a worthless wonder)
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    Veterans Day - Week Ahead 11/13

    when will the manufactory be released
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    Barrage needs rebalancing

    for demolition the time for the fuse to actual event can be changed to dps. so 6000 dps for about 3 seconds. or increase the damage more and buildings affected by demo operate at supressed rates and if demo completely destroys a building then it does splash damage to other builfings sp theor...
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    troop tactics and coalition troops need an update

    in the industrial age the barrack troops got changes to their playstyle heavy infantry became building destroyers, tanks doubling down on being defence sponges and mortars hitting defenders now. many of the industrial age and beyond troop tactics lack those boosts. those that have unique...
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    museum new artifact catagories

    what other catagories do you want for it
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    museum new artifact catagories

    the jewelry and pottery had distinct things rhat made them have boosts needed for your base but now they crammed enemy defence building debuffs and building buffs into them cluttering them up and in war artifacts why are the invading troops debuff and troops buff mixed up in war wrapon and...
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    university change and other

    like how many people have said they want the removal of citizens for the dock... the same can be done for university... give them an alternate citizen class in place of citizens taken for building and gathering. like in game of war fire age and similar games and the expertise boost in barracks...