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    Need Help

    Same problem here, only on Android.
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    Forum Feedback and Bug Reporting (report forum issues here)

    Both trophies and awards pages have vertical text - as per attachment.
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    Parliament Cannon Range Bugged

    When the Parliament Defenses law is maxed level 10 the cannon range increase from 7 to 10 is not being applied. Please investigate and fix this issue.
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    Rubies are limited by command post level instead of storage capacity

    This is ridiculous. They promote an event with double ruby rewards but don’t actually let you have them. Me : I have a massive ruby warehouse. Why won’t you let me have all the rubies I won ? BHG : Your warehouse doors are too tiny.
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    Loot Resource Refund

    Couldn’t agree more, this “feature” is so irritating, even more so when you have looted resource refund artifacts maxed at 85% and don’t even use a storage blessing.
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    No diamond earned from a 5 star victory

    The diamonds earned from 5 star and occasionally 3 or 4 star victories do not show on the attack logs. The only diamonds that appear on those logs are the ones stolen from your opponent. On the results page immediately following a battle the 5 star diamonds are shown on the left in the section...
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    Change Event Speedup points to Event pass side

    FYI, I upgraded each line of the free artifact a couple of days ago and sold it for supplies.
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    Change Event Speedup points to Event pass side

    Since the events have now changed to get points from speed ups to win, I no longer bother to buy event passes anymore since to get an artifact one is competing against the legions of speed up hackers out there. If the speed up points were obtainable only on the event pass side then I feel the...
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    Storage blessing blocks resource refund artifacts.

    Thank you,SomeRandomPlayer, for your explanation of my issue. I had never realised that the 10% requirement applied to looted resource refund artifacts as well. Is there any reason for this other than it’s always been that way, I’ve not seen it stated anywhere ? It seems totally illogical. You...
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    Storage blessing blocks resource refund artifacts.

    I typically leave resource refund artifacts totalling 55% when I go offline. If I use the storage blessing I would expect to get 55% + 27 % = 82% looted resources back which I do (sometimes) The problem is that when a snipe attack (typically with a high level bomber) occurs on the oil refinery...
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    Parliament bonus not added.

    Hi Shazap, following our move to perk 14 and the points addition the situation is back as before with again no bonus points added correctly in the war itself. Hopefully you will get your points added when you jump a perk level but no fix is yet in place it appears. It is incredibly annoying to...
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    Parliament bonus not added.

    Very pleased to report that our alliance jumped from perk 13 to perk 14 yesterday with a massive increase of 1594 xp so the approximately 1200 missing points from all our Parliament research have been added at last ! I’m hoping that whatever had been causing us not to get the Parliament xp has...
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    Parliament bonus not added.

    No Title As you can hopefully see from the screenshot our war results summary differs significantly from Agamemnon’s. The “one win against each enemy line” should show an extra 40 points for 20 2 point wins plus we should also have 5 xp for both 40% and 60% total stars. I have seen other screen...
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    Parliament bonus not added.

    Results are in from our last war which was a 20 x20 Their team consisted of 8 digital, 2 space, 3 Cold War, 2 atomic,1 global, 1 gunpowder, 2 medieval and 1 classical base. 8 x14 + 2 x 13 + 3 x12 + 2 x 11 + 1 x 10 + 1 x 7 + 2 x 6 + 1 x 5 = 230 the base total for a win on each base. 40 % stars...
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    Parliament bonus not added.

    Thanks for your update Agamemnon. I am monitoring and recording every stage of our current war. At this stage we look to have won the war, our opponents appear to have given up, we have both 40% and 60% stars obtained. As we have Parliament Experienced Alliance law researched to level 4 I should...