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    Max one or level up equally?

    If I have buildings with several levels to upgrade after advancing, is it better to max one of them first, then do the others or level them all up one level, then start again and level them all up to the next level? I know garrisons and tank depots have an advantage to max one first, but does...
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    Artifact for Heavy Tanks

    The Art of War has HP and damage boosts of 9%
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    A question about # of walls

    Strangely enough, on that same website under the atomic age chapter, it has max walls as 168. Thanks for helping tho. I'll just call it a typo and rest easy.
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    A question about # of walls

    I've seen several sources that have 168 as the # of walls at the atomic age, but I only have 162. Any ideas on how to get these 6 missing walls?
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    Legendary tokens, Taipei oil shipments, speed-ups (minimum 6 hrs), crowns, then troop tactics, and please keep up the food/gold for oil trades.
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    Upgrading your castle/fort

    Ravenlord, I am having the same dilemma, and can't see any benefit of upgrading the Castle (to level 6 for me). I'm with you in that I'd rather use that oil to upgrade my troops, planes, missle silo, or bunker. and none of the counter-arguments in this thread have convinced me that it would be...