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    A question about # of walls

    According to the wiki (, 162 at Atomic age.
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    Drone Age?

    The 75% More Crowns for the next ~3 days indicates Drone Age is coming Early Summer. Can BHG please provide us more specifics? @TheWise
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    knowledge base

    This is the best one I know of. Don't think it's official, but users keep it pretty up to date.!_Wiki
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    is reducing university food and gold research time to 0s possible?

    There is a max reduction of 85%. There are other chats going on about this. See
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    Member Recruitment

    We have space in our alliance if you want to join up. We currently war with 10 people but would like to increase that. Gun Men Militia
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    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    Not sure when it happened, but Landmines are upgradeable now.
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    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    Yup, no upgrade to level 18 for Landmines!
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    Space Age upgrade times

    Does anyone have the upgrade times for the following SA upgrades? I've looked on the wiki and no one has put anything up there yet. Road L11 Garrison L12 Tank Depot L13 Vault L8 Storehouse L11 Tower L13 Oil Well L9 Landmine L13 Thanks in advance!
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    What's the status of the Space Age?

    Any updates that the design/development team can share with us?
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    War Matching REALLY Needs fixing

    TinSoldier This is getting really old. Again, matched up in an 848 to 17 glory war. Age and Level: My Alliance: A229, A210, G182, G181, G182, A179, I172, I158, I152, I156, I154, G162, I68, I116, I152, I152, E138, E133, E126, I89 Their Alliance: A214, A212, A215, A210, A215, A181...
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    Pax Augusta bug?

    Is anyone else noticing a bug in the Pax Augusta trade goods counting that is only counting 1 for each type of trade good received from a multi-player battle? For instance, I'm pretty sure that when I got a diamond, a fur, and 4 metal, I only received 3 in the event.