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  1. {[Fresh]}Kratos

    Change DPS in unit/building info screens to damage per hit or shot

    As the title says. It is quite useless to show DPS (damage per second) for all buildings or troops in the game which all shoot at various fire rates. Having DPS as the global info would be more useful for comparision if all units and buildings in the game had the same firerate, but that is not...
  2. {[Fresh]}Kratos

    A comment for the way updates are released

    Hello there, Devs, this is addressed to you directly. Sorry if it's a little long. I was very happy for this upcoming update and still quite happy about the changes. But the way it was put into action ruined this for me and others in my alliance... So, when the update was released, of course...
  3. {[Fresh]}Kratos

    NTG Reward Probability with 5-star Victories

    I have a feeling this has probably been discussed before, but I couldn't find any recent thread. Does anyone know the exact probability of NTGs rewarded after a 5-star win (and also 3-4 stars, but most importantly 5)? I am interested in this because currently I have an artifact in the museum...
  4. {[Fresh]}Kratos

    Dock's Unique Blessing Rewards

    I would like to request bringing back the Wall, Medic, Commerce and Crop Blessings to at least one of the higher Dock levels. These blessings have absolutely no other place to be obtained (Commerce and Crop seems to have been included in video rewards here and there, but Wall/Medic never), thus...