• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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  1. Fufutus

    Drone age. What’s the point?

    The Drone Age is wonderful. Its main advantage is that there is a new rush towards higher ages. What does that mean? That some of us can enjoy the game in lower ages while everyone else buys speed ups.
  2. Fufutus

    Barracks-Based Strategies

    Well done Armitage on offering a bunch of alternative strategies
  3. Fufutus

    Banned for Crown Manipulation

    Hi Phantom, there are about 4 players attending this forum regularly and 1 person from Big Huge, who appears every now and then. I doubt you're going to find help here. Sorry, I know it's disappointing.
  4. Fufutus

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Drone Factory will not be available at the launch of Drone Age :ROFLMAO:
  5. Fufutus

    The time has come to stay in Atomic Age for many, many years

    I am grateful and I thank them from the bottom of our heart. Also I wish them farewell for their journey to Drab Age.
  6. Fufutus

    The time has come to stay in Atomic Age for many, many years

    Please bring the Drop Age as quickly as possible so that rich people move there and leave us alone, thank you.
  7. Fufutus

    The time has come to stay in Atomic Age for many, many years

    Hello! As you know, I've started this game in 2016 and for a long time I stayed in Global Age, enjoying watching the rat race to the top. Eventually, I jumped to Space. Space is good, the only problem being that there are a lot of people in Digital that are not moving fast enough. That means...
  8. Fufutus


    As we speak, the leading player, in the current event, has 1,000,000 points. He or she will get Capt. McConnell’s Hero Ensemble, an excellent artefact. The artefact will also be acquired by #100 who now has 50,000 points. #1 has spent 1,000,000/50=20,000 hours of speed ups. #100 has spent...
  9. Fufutus

    Thank you Nexon

    Hi Nexon Thank you very much for introducing this new parliament thingy. As you all know, my goal is to stay in Global Age as much as possible. The main reason for that is that I don’t want to get caught up in the rat race that you are creating with the constant introduction of new ages. New...
  10. Fufutus

    Payment only after crash fix

    Hello I am not going to make any more purchases until you fix the battle crashes during world wars. All the best,
  11. Fufutus


    Hi Tin Soldier, as there are a few of my posts that have simply not been posted, for no reason, let’s do the following. if you respect me as a customer, and post what I’m writing, I will start spending money again. if not, I will not. Fair
  12. Fufutus

    Why wait three days?

    Hi moderators of forum. My posts are waiting in queue for 3-5 days. Some are lost in the process. Why do I have to wait so long. There are people in here that swear at others but are instantly posted. Don’t get it.
  13. Fufutus

    How long to approve posts?

    I have been waiting for two days. Why are my posts not getting approved? Thank you
  14. Fufutus

    Enjoy the game - stay in Global Age

    For quite some time I have been suspicious of two things a) the constant push from the game to go up the ages (rush events, etc.) b) the constant push from the game to increase your medals (“destroy all buildings in your opponents base”, etc.) When the devs want you to do something, you should...
  15. Fufutus

    Is the game about to end?

    Hi, I rarely read the forums and only recently got an account. A lot of people are saying that the game is about to end. Every couple of months I spend £5. Should I stop doing this? thank you