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    2020 and polishing of the game

    2020 and polishing of the game 1-Update the boot screen (I would like to update each update with the theme of the update ) 2-Adding to the game information and statistics on the player (the number of fighters in the world war and ordinary , the time spent in the game and when the account was...
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    Information about the space age

    вот первая информация, которая уже есть в игре
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    Information about the space age

    Before updating TinSoldier wanted to know information about the space age!! And silence((
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    Wishes for future updates))

    Wanted pointeresovatsya who is what I want in the new updates?? There is a huge desire for administrators to information for the upcoming updates, posted 2 weeks)))))
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    What I would like to see in the game this year)))

    Hello everyone, a little thought about the game)))) 1.New pictures when loading the game, it would be cool to update them every update of the game 2.Extended player profile -number of hours spent in the game -What alliances was , he left himself or was expelled and the number of hours spent...
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    Sea battle

    Hello everybody:) I apologize in advance for a transfer from google This topic has repeatedly been raised at the forum, I would like to develop more globally Sea battle will take place at our location, where the shipyard To extend the shore to make the beach. The shipyard moved closer to the...