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    Petition against sitrep

    Signed. I am surprised that they didn’t learn anything from the past.
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    TinSoldier no longer with BHG

    I just read in a post in “News and Announcements” section of the forum that TinSoldier has left BHG 🙁 Tin was by far the best of the lot and helped us the best he could. I for sure will be missing him.
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    Victory Chest available in 3 days and 11 hours... after the update

    This is so true for me. I am getting Victory Chest rewards after every 12 stars. However, my counter tells me that I need to wait for over 5 days 😆
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    Enemy Defenders Frozen - not Attacking

    I made a few attacks in the multiplayer battles since yesterday and I noticed that some enemy defenders are just freezing after chasing and killing a few of my attacking troops. They are just standing and getting killed by my other troops without fighting back! Anyone else noticed this? The...
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    Starter Pack Offer Period

    Hi all, I am new to the game. I see an offer for Starter Pack 2 on my screen with a count-down. Will the offer really be gone after that time?