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    Is this the example of perfect sarcasm? Geez, there is enough content already! The game requires many months or even years before a new player will become viable in WWs (from my point of view it's Atomic Age with maxed-out planes and HT/Commando/Bazooka troops). What about to balance other...
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    Parliament cannon everything we know so far

    There are some additions to the post: 1. Parliament is affected by Blitzkrieg like it's initially a defensive spawning building. It doesn't shoot under blitzkrieg, that's sucks. 2. Extended shooting range +3 exists only virtually, in reality it's still 7 when you finish Parliamentary Defenses...
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    The same here. Every second war is a great mismatch. Our latest war is a joke totally. Us DA 296, 291 SA 237 CWA 197, 191 AA 167, 167 GA 159 IA 145, 88 Them InfA 302 DA 299, 297, 293, 280, 272 SA 277 CWA 246, 225 GA 125 The war search took approx. 1,5 hours, so the matchmaking system considers...
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    Max air space at DA?

    The best way is to watch a replay closely and count how many planes are on the screen at the same time. Never trust a replay statistics at the end.
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    Stuck advancing levels

    I would say roads... But yes, economic upgrades aren't really good if you like WWs.
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    12 fighters in space age?

    Just watch the whole replay carefully. If you will see more than 8 fighters on the screen at the same time then it's a cheating, otherwise - broken replay which is just an inaccurate simulation.
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    Known Game Issues

    This issue has been closed a couple of months ago as well as the similar with a war replays.
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    Training times are messed up with update

    Training blessing is working only for barrack troops now.