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    More Recharge Options

    Please provide more recharge options other than Credit/Debit Cards. Maybe you can add MOL Points or Cellphone Recharge or any other from Load Central.. Thank you
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    Maximum tower - display bug

    at gunpwder age + library research you got a max 5 watch towers, unless your library research got bugged that is why its 4/4... same with my walls / roads... the maximum limit+library reseach is gone after i reach gunpowder
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    Roads / Walls Library Research effects bug as age progresses

    as my age advances the effects of wall and road researches has gone... example before i reach gunpowder my wall was 95/90.. then when i reach gunpowder it says it adds +10 wall among others but when i build it it only gives 5 and becomes 95/95 max limit... it should be 105/95 because i have...
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    BUG.. No +5 wall limit after Research Rampart lv1

    pls check.... thx
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    Scratching current profile from device

    Yeah coliseum is great if you are planning to have HARD DEF.. its always good to have more defenders.. i just hope they will have the option to change wonders for us all to be happy :)
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    Scratching current profile from device

    hahaha nice.. if u reach gunpowder+ age u will understand how high resources needed.. but it all depends on our playstyle, btw on medieval u get 20k gold per day, though the 10% reduction in research and upgrades is what i want especially if yor are researching 2m+ resources :) and im sure as...
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    Scratching current profile from device

    Im not choosing colosseum its better to choose stone hedge and notredam... LOTS of GOLD baby i mean LOTS if you know how :) Anyway if you want to reset your game you need to restore your ios/android to factory settings or you can play in bluestacks or other platforms then you can link it BUT if...
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    PROMO / Starter Pack

    You mean starter pack is NOT available to all.. your subject is confusing... i noticed this post weeks ago and no one replied yet lol
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    Network Error Connection

    worst if you experience that during battle and you have deployed your 85 troops already.... being an attacker i always exp that.. but devs/support here is always sleeping...
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    Any updates on my crowns pls... No Crowns on purchase

    I got a high fever right now.. lol and i really dont care bout the missing crowns anymore, takes too much hassle and stress...
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    Any updates on my crowns pls... No Crowns on purchase

    I have not receive any reply since Nov.28..."NOTHING!" i can post the inbox of my email if you want, there is no mail receive on DEC.1 otherwise i have already complied it... besides i have given them the additional print screen of purchase and my ingame crowns... Anyway, im really tired...
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    When will you be able to address the support tickets is it still thxgiving holiday?

    my ticket is already 8days old.. and yes i provided them screen shots of my purchase and ig-game crowns after that nothing... its really sad its been 8 days and nobody care bout the missing crowns.. In my previous games i never encountered support tickets more than 3days.. Anyway i wont be...
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    Any updates on my crowns pls... No Crowns on purchase

    Anyway FORGET IT...... 8days without any reply is crazy.. You may delete this thread.. going to move on now :) Thx for everything Ms. Aulia
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    Can't enter the multiplayer mode (SERVER OOS ERROR)

    How about the Link Device for iOS? is it still coming soon? i want to transfer my bluestack game to ipad
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    Any updates on my crowns pls... No Crowns on purchase

    Latest update is still last Nov 27........ GameOps Nov 27 21:39 Hello again, Cherry! Worry not as we already know this issue and our Quality Assurance Team are working hard to find a resolution. Kindly visit our forums for future announcements regarding this issue. Thank you for your...