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    More Recharge Options

    Please provide more recharge options other than Credit/Debit Cards. Maybe you can add MOL Points or Cellphone Recharge or any other from Load Central.. Thank you
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    Roads / Walls Library Research effects bug as age progresses

    as my age advances the effects of wall and road researches has gone... example before i reach gunpowder my wall was 95/90.. then when i reach gunpowder it says it adds +10 wall among others but when i build it it only gives 5 and becomes 95/95 max limit... it should be 105/95 because i have...
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    BUG.. No +5 wall limit after Research Rampart lv1

    pls check.... thx
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    Any updates on my crowns pls... No Crowns on purchase

    i made a ticket, actually 3 tickets already regarding my missing crowns on purchase, all of them are being ignored... Should i make AGAIN a new ticket for my missing crowns? Just tell us if you are having technical problems or whatever, i can understand coz i think we are still on beta testing LOL
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    When will you be able to address the support tickets is it still thxgiving holiday?

    So tired of waiting for nothing...... just say that this game is DEAD so we wont be expecting anything... and we can move on!
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    How to transfer game from bluestacks into ipad mini

    is there a way to transfer my game from bluestacks into ipad mini?
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    CRASH on toturial reinstalled 100x still the same cannot continue to play :(

    here is the error.. when i press home after defeating the barbarians in the toturial in the loading screen error "(S) Server OOS - Batch with id: 1417320879 and entry index 0 returned with error! Please restart application [F:558,U:5383]' i am using os 8.1 apple ipad mini.. I dont want to make...
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    Question on how to zoom out using bluestacks in pc etc

    i dont knw where to put this but somebody tell me how to zoom out using bluestacks in win7 pc? Also im buying a new ipad is it possible to transfer my game in my bluestack to the ipad? thx