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    Glitched base?

    Look at this guy's base, every garrison, catapult, tower that are already build are stacked on his town hall. how is that even possible. exploiting the game. if this is legal, how do we do it? This is the pic of his full base
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    PROMO / Starter Pack

    Hi guys, My brother plays with me and he have this promo package that gives him 2 more workers while i didnt recieve that offer. Unfair! Hehe
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    [BUG] facebook connect

    Hi guys, Connecting on facebook doesnt stay connected whenever i login next time unlike google+ connect. Facebook is disconnected the next time i login
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    [BUG] Actions not registering

    Hi Guys, Sometimes when i load the game and i continue to do my usual stuff like hunt animals, claim resources , train troops, donate troops and BUILD. after doing all of that sometimes i close my screen and do so work stuff later on to find out that none of my actions were registered and i...
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    Hi Guys, i would like to suggest putting a loading meter on some of the transitions we have. for example when looking for a new opponent on pvp, sometimes i wont know if i have disconnected or something because it takes so long and i just see a picture on my screen. if not a loading meter...
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    Account Reset

    Hi Guys, I would like to suggest maybe adding a reset account feature till iron age phase of the game. so if a player didnt like his country he can go ahead and reset his account to start over. After iron age though reset will not be available to prevent hackers from resetting one's game. I...
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    Edit Base Mode

    Would like to suggest a edit base mode. Right now its just too hard to edit your base because you have to move each single piece of wall and building. If there is a edit base mode where you can store the building to a box while you put them back in one by one .This will help motivate people to...