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    Fix the multiplayer attack mechanics before it is too late

    I think is too late already, 3 to 4 weeks ago my alliance chat was alive with all kind of issues and troop requests, now is empty seems everybody stop playing. I personally got tired of the unbelievable amount of bugs just like what happened in orcs vs humans so I left my nation in lv 54 and...
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    A Change Nation option !

    I totally agree with you Hyperion and I also suggested this feature weeks ago, I was lucky and Aulia Aphelia answered my post confirming that they will include this in a future release of the game, hopefully soon.
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    A restore all troops button for after battles.

    Nexon implemented that idea already in orcs vs humans. In that game you can restore all your troops or only the ones spent in battle with one button.
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    You may be under attack, try again

    I'm playing the last version of the game .36, I think started to happen with this last version, I would say that if I log on 10 times in a day it happens 4 or so and from those at least 1 keeps asking me to push the try again button between 3 to 5 minutes. I mentioned this issue in my guild of...
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    You may be under attack, try again

    One of the most annoying bugs I have encountered is this bug, "you may be under attack, try again”. I keep clicking the try again button and it keep repeating the same message over and over, some times takes almost 5 minutes after I can log on when I finally make it there was no attack, any...
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    game full of bugs still

    I'm seriously worried about this game, disconnection problems (batch Id) all the time specially when you are winning a battle and lose everything including your army, when you are under attack some of the buildings are showed up like if they are in construction or upgrading, when editing your...
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    Defense Result and Replay Inaccuracy

    And that's not the worst: sometimes if you take revenge after been attacked the other player can revenge as well but you can not, In that way the attacker can attack twice and defender only once, not fair.
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    change nation and wonders

    Cannot wait to have the chance to choose a different civ, specially now than I'm lv 45 and start all over it's not a option
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    Account reset to dawn age BUG

    Holy Molly how many affected players. I had an issue like this with Gameloft in a strategy game about Romans, they took about 2 months to fix it, but they fully upgraded my town and gave me lots of the game currency, at the moment my interest for that game was gone so. I can only say those...
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    waiting list idea

    No other COC alikre game has ever thought of implementing a feature like the one you describe. A waiting list either for hunting or building would be great, it's very annoying having to calculate times to start hunting, building or creating armies, so I agree, I really hope this game becomes...
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    change nation and wonders

    You guys have lots of ideas about this. Only one thing is for sure: we all want to have the ability to change nations once in the game at least, even better if they extend this to wonders too. Let's wait for Aulia Apprelias, which is been very quiet lately, to deliver good news soon.
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    Crash Log

    Recipe for failure Hi guys, I want to express my concern about the continuous connection problems, hope you fix them before the global release. I can't avoid to compare what happened with your other game orcs vs humans: that game has very nice graphics and lots of creativity, it's clear the...
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    All account reset on offficial release!!! NO NO NO!!!

    I saw in another post aulia stated that over the official release no issues regarding accounts reset for old players would happen, so no worries.
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    More Nations

    I agree with Spaniards (more free space in the map for buildings) and Mongols (better horses), but it that is the case Russians should be there as well. And we need representatives from America, like USA and maybe the Mayans or Aztecs too.
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    change nation and wonders

    You are right deathrorboat that's why this feature should be allowed only once per player and after certain time, let's say after you played a whole era. That should be time enough for a player to make his mind up about the nation he choosed. On the other hand not having this feature it would...