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    Who has the first experience with the Parlament? Good idea or not? Think about it! Everybody pays millions in and what do you get out? 1 or 2 percent increase or 10 min help. Ok, in the highest level 10% less or increase or speed up. Sorry, but that is nothing, compared with what you and your...
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    Campaign to bring back 15 player WorldWars

    Most alliances have about 25 - 35 members. Too many players left the game over the years. Usually worldwars are 10, 15 or 20. battles. A lot of players refuse WW, because of the poor matchmaking. Smaller or middle size alliances can‘t find 20 players or more, but always had more than 10 players...
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    Home of your game: Munich Royals

    Munich Royals: join us! We are playing the game since it came out. If you need help in playing the game, we are your best choice.
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    Matchmaking in WorldWars

    Who likes the matchmaking in WorlWars? Are your alliance members happy with it? What do you do when you have another 565:10? Boycott? And this has nothing to do with sandbagging. We all do. Are there only so few alliances left in the game, that unfair matchups are normality? Who is for it...
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    Problems with Fake Players in worldwar

    More and more, we find alliances in worldwar, which have dummies as Last Players with low Stars and out of Iron age. Therefore the Alliance gets an easier Match Up. So, worldwar is no fun anymore. The matchup System needs repair. By the way, all alliances with Fake Players so far - three times -...
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    New members for old alliances! Not possible anymore.

    I started playing, when the game came out last year. I have my own alliance `Munich Royals`and I had never problems to get new members over the year. I saw many players come and leave. The entire time we were 45 - 49 players steady, but since the last update and the change in showing alliances...
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    Given/received Troop statistic reset

    In 24 hours we had atleast 4 resets in the given/received troop statistic. Anybody else with that problem? Is it the pikatchu problem?