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    Bug or cheating or something else?

    Just finished a WW where watching a replay OP got 60% after 3:30, had no troops left, and 1 TT that drops the 3 mini tanks. Defender had a mass of troops + spawning buildings + towers. Battle ends and OP gets 97% and 4*. Very confused. I realize some replays are off by a little bit....but this?
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    WW for alliance doesnt work

    After out last war, the WW button does not work for anyone in alliance and freezes the game. Joining other alliances the button works normally. Has anyone had this issue / how do we fix this?
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    Allliance cannot view or start wars

    After our last WW ended, no one is able to view the war page or start a new war. The moment you try to view it, a spinning wheel appears and never goes away (even after letting game time out and reconnecting). While the wheel is spinning you can still select other buildings, but the red 'X' to...
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    War screen freezes game

    No one in alliance can start a war or view war screen. The moment you try to view it, spinning wheel starts and locks app. Update and reinstall did not fix issue.