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    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    Right. The problem is rather that most O players simply don't know how to attack. They are accustomed to the simplest game possible - to land their troops and simply watch as the enemy base is completely destroyed. Now they need to think through many aspects of the attack
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    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    Then why do all seasonal events boost attack so much more than defense? Be more objective please
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    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    This is complete nonsense. The card is of the "Royalty" type. She doesn't fit into any defense committee. As a defender, I simply have nowhere to put it
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    There are more and more cheaters. Support is inactive

    @Harlems369th, please answer the following questions: 1) How long, on average, does a “exhaustive investigation” take to identify fraud, bugs and cheats? 2) On average, how many complaints do you receive per month about players using cheats and bugs? 3) On average, how many players per month are...
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    Cheaters/Bugs/Hack ???

    Do your developers have game accounts? Let them go to the top alliances and ask for a server, let them pay for it (on behalf of the company). You will have several accounts with this functionality and you can carefully see how it works from the inside. Is it really that difficult? For a dozen...
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    Alliance gate capacity. Level 22

    Now even more interesting. Today is the day of preparation for a new world war. For many drone age players, the troop capacity on the world war map has changed. Those who had 72 became 69, it decreased. For example, my base. At the last WW it was 72, but now. You might think that I had the...
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    Alliance gate capacity. Level 22

    Recently, our alliance received level 22. Alliance gate capacity increased by +3. But on the world war map, we noticed a strange thing - some of our players from the drone era have the base capacity unchanged = 69, although if they ask for troops in the chat, the capacity is 72. They are not...
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    Cheaters/Bugs/Hack ???

    I think it's useless. You are fighting the effect, but you need to eliminate the cause. Until you do this, the "server" will be used by more and more players. Ban everyone?
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    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    @Harlems369th, these items worked before the update, but after the update they stopped working: All levels of War Tactics now take only 5 minutes to train Implemented during 11.11 hotfixes Map Debris now clears in 2 seconds Includes Trees, Large Grass, Rocks, Diamond Mine, Oil Seeps...
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    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    @Harlems369th, after the upgrade, there is no need to upgrade the Museum to level 6, because it does not give anything other than a meaningless increase in resources. Maybe add +10 to storage artifacts for lvl 6 Museum?
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    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    After the update, it is not possible to receive troops from the alliance and click the help of accelerations in the game chat. Can you clear the chat again? Maybe this will fix the problem
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    Summer for the Ages 2023 Makes Waves!

    The event for the instant transition from the information age to the age of drones has begun, but no one can improve the city center. Shows still 17 days @Harlems369th
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    Update to Future Seasons

    @Harlems369th, I highly recommend reducing this season to a standard month (maximum). Nobody likes these seasons, I am the moderator of one of the chats with 600 experienced players. Everyone is against such innovations. Who told you that it's interesting? In addition, this event increases the...
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    Dominations Update 11.5 - Council Committee

    @Harlems369th Please explain to the mechanics how this bonus works. I've done various tests, put buildings that release defenders next to different wonders, sometimes close. The bonus doesn't work.
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    Bonus "Defender Spawn Time" from Council don`t working

    Let's start the test: 1) Remove all the artifacts in the museum 2) In Council put two cards that give -22% Defender Spawn Time 3) In the editor of the layout of the War base, we edit one of the bases. We place the bunker in the very corner of the base, there should not be an Acropolis nearby...