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  1. oddin

    Dominations v11.3 Update - Drone Command

    we had 6 crashes this WW. Very serious bug that needs imemdiate fixing
  2. oddin

    DomiNations Sitrep #2 - Drone Command

    I also liked that video but i would prefer this content before the actual release
  3. oddin

    New Legendary Artifact - Li Vessel

    For some reason not everything works. Seems like half done
  4. oddin

    better communication about bans

    one of the most well managed games out there HCR2, does exactly the same.... Their focus is first and foremost game quality and second player satisfaction. Everything else comes later.
  5. oddin

    Event pass pricing and rewards

    I dont know if it is only me, but I find all the events the past 3-4 months too expensive and the rewards not worth the money (I am not even mentioning the artifacts offered are mostly crap). In fact i have never seen such high prices anywhere else. Most of the games I have played have a pass in...
  6. oddin

    Clash of Clans

    is it like dominations? this gods of olympus?
  7. oddin

    Actions Against Game Exploits

    Pffff BHG be serious and do something about this . It is a shame. If you do not you are gonna stay with only cheaters and the legit players will leave
  8. oddin

    Actions Against Game Exploits

    there is a hack for that too??!!!! damn
  9. oddin

    Actions Against Game Exploits

    This post is too general. We are a top alliance doing the best we can and playing legit. Losing our glory against teams that had such a massive advantage is driving us crazy. It is the no1 reason for us to quit playing altogether. Do you understand how serious it is for us? So, although I do...
  10. oddin

    Game now fails to load Android Mobile

    We have a ww and 4 players cannot attack. We all get stuck during game loading. No error. We are android players all on different versions. What will happen to our glory? Are we gonna get that back? @Harlems369th
  11. oddin

    DomiNations 11.2.6 Hotfix

    i cannot access the game at all. It is being stuck at loading screen with no error message android 10
  12. oddin

    Game dont load

    Game is being stuck at loading screen the past 8 hours. Pls fix
  13. oddin

    Alleged "Ares bot"

    Domination players are easily the ones with the most patience in mobile gaming. We endure 7 years of bugs in every single release, imbalance between offence and defence, cheating, free TTs, museum bots etc etc It is no wonder that we are all fed up and demand justice and finally some action...
  14. oddin

    November Legendary Token Calendar

    I would like an official answer as to why Ramses is not being offered at all but other artifacts are given every few months?
  15. oddin

    October Legendary Token Calendar

    And you were right.... One more month without Ramses...pffff