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Recent content by Patrick

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    Dominations Wiki

    Hope Nexom creates a Wiki for Dominations.
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    The Generals

    Alexander and Cleopatra (I think) both needed Level 1 castle, same stats as The Japanese Generals but it requires a level 2 Castle. Can someone just level all the Generals stats and allows it to grow in each upgrade of Castle or via Research.
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    Barracks Info

    Noticed that the game doesn't show the time needed and the space that each character occupies. Twas nice if this feature is added.
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    World Chat

    It would be a great idea if World Chat is available. Makes it really easy for Alliance to recruit new members.
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    Cool Off Time

    We are all aware that the game crashes regularly. I hope that Nexom could provide a 5 minute cool off before the game present us to other players for attack. Ave Atque Vale, Patricius - And I'm playing Japanese. :p
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    Wonders and Aesthetics

    Hope Nexom could think of a way to incorporate the Wonders option per nation for aesthetic purposes. I choose Japanese as my nation and my Colosseum is a big eye sore in my map. Instead of Colosseum think of a Japanese building where they offer the same aspect as the said wonders have.
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    Tips: Game Crash

    It's a bit annoying when your game crashes whilst playing yeah? No medals. No troops going back to their barracks. Here's what you need to do; 1. Before you go and play multiple player, HARD close the game. 2. Load the game. 3. Attack. This method works for me all the time. So whenever I...
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    House Bug

    Saw some players on Gun Powder Age wherein they have a total of 10 house. Not really sure why. Medieval Age max house is 5. Starter Pack I think provides only 1 house. Not sure if Gun Powder Age could provide 4 more house on the age. Can someone please check this. Cheers.
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    Daily Log In Bonus

    This would be a great idea. Hope you'll implement it.