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    Matchmaking is trash once again...

    Totally agree with all you guys our top player is CW. Just got a drone,Information Digital and numerous Space age. Its just crap.
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    Will war matching ever be the slightest bit effective. our Top players are Cold War and just been matched with guess who Drone age Information Age and Digital along with Space age back up. Wars are just no fun at best you get a good match 1/20. I know matching has always been at best rubbish but...
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    Banned without showing me why.

    Has anyone been banned but absolutely no idea why. They say I have been found manipulating crowns but I don’t use crowns as it’s my second account and not moving ages. It’s a maxed Enlightenment age and has been for at least a year with no movement and I never buy tactics with crowns. Can you do...
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    World war matching

    Hi We are finding the matching of alliances for wars can be way off. One factor seems to be the level of your roads farms and caravans, a lot of our members have maxed these upgrades, if we get an opponent that has not upgraded these buildings, we get a real bashing. So do you think these non...