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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    I think it looks awesome and the video its cool. Although, lots of people complaining because the Drone Factory not ready and few other details. Overall, it's something new and I'm looking forward ✨️ to upgrade soon. I second the Idea 💡 of a NEW HOUSE for this age since there's a million...
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    Drone Age?

    Wow.... Settle down friend. There loads of new players coming in every week. As far as playing dropping like flies, with that attitude I'll be gone from your clan yesterday. In any type of complaint there's always a proposal or at least that you want to trade off Hate speeches are boring...
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    Drone Age is almost here!

    No worries mate, just keep getting stronger and better at your own Age. I have been playing this game for several years and I'm not on Information Age Yet. Although, I'm very advanced in Digital Age. I just enjoy all the Raiding and WW fighting. Keep at it you will get there. Cheers
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    Drone Age is almost here!

    Great News Guys!!