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    Seasonal Leaderboard Kickoff!

    Yup, same here. Please fix asap
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Any thought given to new perks levels? Hundreds of alliances are at level 20 now.
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    Drone Age Trailer

    I didn’t see any new units. Recon plane looks like a drone, but its still a recon plane.
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    Redo the bar of troops. Scrolling should not be!

    BHG has done all they are going to. The bar has related groups of items at either end. The idea is to scroll quickly from one end to the other to emulate having 2 bars.
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    Idea. single campaign.Daily/weekly preset bases and custom.

    I agree, it would be good to have more campaign challenges. I proposed a competitive league idea a few years ago. Each week a base from each age would be chosen from actual bases, so no work required from BHG designing them, just the algo to pick them. Players would work their way through the...
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    Barracks Troops

    I had another thought. Factory troops are also better because of the damage buff from the Brandenburg gate. If BHG is serious about making barracks units useful, they should extend that benefit to barracks troops that cost oil.
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    Barracks Troops

    I hope they are looking at some rework. I made some suggestions in the ideas and features forum. Like other units, attack helicopters should have research/upgrade buffs that make them useful if a player put in the time and resources.
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    Attack Helicopters Re-Re-ReBalance

    We seem to have lost the news thread where the attack helicopter nerfs were announced. We all agree they were OP after the initial barracks troops rebalance, but they were nerfed back to irrelevance with the re-rebalance. Here are some ideas to make them a little more effective if a player puts...
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    New version of Forum

    We’ve lost our status :) all noobs again. I’ll have to spam post to get my bars back
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    New version of Forum

    How‘s this for a reply? Button is a little reverse arrow bottom right of the post you want to reply to.
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    Lag When Attacking Info Age Bases (android only)

    In our last war all of the players on android who attacked their strongest Info Age base (level 365 with a monster museum) suffered incapacitating lag. Players on iOS had no problem. Lag can be seen watching replays too.
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    Increased Vault Capacity does not apply to oil - why not?!

    Why don't museum boosts that increase vault capacity apply to oil? It's especially galling when the legendary artifact I earned by buying all 5 event passes over the past month has 2 11% lines. BHG, please change this!
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    New War Tactics - Attack Buildings/Attack Defenders

    When Information Age is introduced, I would like to see two new war tactics that take advantage of improved communication technology. When activated, Attack Buildings would override troops normal targeting for a period of time, say 5 or 10 seconds. This would let me tell my heavy tanks to stop...
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    Chat is unavailable

    5 members of my alliance have been getting the "chat is currently unavailable" message for over 12 hours. Anyone else having issues?
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    Pinned Chat

    Our chat has become very active; messages are rarely visible for more than an hour. It would be nice to mark some messages as important so they are kept near the top. It could be implemented with a tag, like #p. Bonus feature; only council and above could use it. I would also like to improve...