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    Somebody's been busy

    ​​​​​​TinSoldier have you spent all weekend playing?
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    Tomb Raiderz are looking to merge

    Our leader stopped playing a year ago and other players dropped out. We do manage 10v10 wars. We have about 12 /15 members ready to join an established organised war team. Ideally you should have 4/5 250+ top players & a good mix of other ages. You can drop in at the alliance or...
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    Experience points for forest clearance

    Have they stopped given experience points on forest clearance? I'm sure the last time I got about 4300 points.
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    Extra General with instant retrain causes game to crash when opening Castle

    I can replicate this in IA, I've got 3 in the Fort at present, showing 3/2. My generals didn't have to die, was on short cooldown. I refilled with 2 fresh generals & when the cooldown was up, hitting retrain allowed. extra general to become active. My game isn't crashing which is a bonus. On...
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    Loss of connection RANT

    Don't you just hate it mid attack that you lose connection. I can't explain why it happens, I say it's their servers, they'll say its my ISP. I can live with retraining troops, even planes. But losing the Generals for 24hrs does my nut in! Where is option to retrain my troops for free watching...
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    collection of cheaters

    This player is sitting at number 45 on the leader board. He is lvl 360 & has 19 wonders that I can count... More action is required from the powers that be ​​​​​
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    Sabotage Duration

    I have lvl 5 sabotage & I have been increasing the duration in the uni, I have now completed 10 lvls for a extra 30%. It has been at 16 secs since lvl 8, lvls 9 & 10 gave no increase to the lenth of time. Its a big waste of time 18 days & men 5 for nothing.