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    Assault Rally tactic - Appears to be REDUCING troop DPS at higher AR levels

    So, another player reported that the upgraded assault rally appeared to cause his troops to do LESS damage per second and move slower as it was leveled up. So I got some alliance members with different levels of assault rally together, and did some testing. Testing scenario - 1 maxed heavy rpg...
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    Fix the Museum - No Lottery, weaker, visible, and less painful to use

    The museum as it currently stands has nearly killed the game for me. I have mostly walked away from wars, dumped several alts, and only play my primary in a cursory way these days. I have other problems with the game as well, but the museum is the biggest. I have some practical suggestions that...
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    Video / Ad changes - Rewards reduced to 2/3/5 crowns instead of 5 as the base.

    Don't see anything about this in any release notes. But the video ads now are providing 2,3 or 5 crowns at random instead of 5 base with a chance of 10/25/50/75/100. That is a big drop, and not really worth messing with when I do get on. And since we have no way of knowing what the change is...
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    Dissappearing archive

    On one of my alts, I had an archive level 4 a few days ago. Today I looked in the store and it is available to build again, and the spot on my base is empty. Nothing else appears to have changed, that one building is just gone. Haven't done anything with it yet; anyone else had anything similar...
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    Road to Cold War event coming

    From the Korean Domination forums, loosely translated by Google. http://cafe.naver.com/nexondominations?iframe_url=/ArticleRead.nhn%3Fclubid=28052373%26articleid=267909 11/27 -12/1; Road to Cold War Event All atomic upgrades 50% off. Global to Atomic TC upgrade is half off and instant (as in...
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    Things Nexon Can't do

    Fix glory being assigned incorrectly during a war. Restore cards or resources lost due to a crash due to a buggy game. Restore crowns lost due to a poor interface. Provide appropriate compensation for any number of reported issues. Prevent excessive donations of alliance troops to Town Centers...
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    Remove the Missile Silo

    To start out, I have to say I am not sure why the missile silo was added. Someone referenced a similar building in CoC; I have never played that so can't compare. I haven't seen broad complaints that global and atomic defenses are too weak in multiplayer; a few complaints about the ease of 5* in...