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6th Anniversary of DomiNations!


BHG Moderator
Jun 8, 2020
Greetings DomiNations Leaders,

DomiNations is turning six, and it has been quite the year since our last Anniversary! We couldn’t be more excited about the adventures through the ages that await us this year. DomiNations has seen many new additions since our 5th Anniversary; we’ve introduced Parliament, expanded the Library with the addition of Bookcases, welcomed the arrival of Sun Tzu, and entered the Age of Information. We have many more adventures ahead of us together, and we’re kicking it off in April with our 6th Anniversary celebration.

In celebration of DomiNations’ 6th Anniversary, we will be featuring special Event Passes that are scheduled to run back to back throughout the month of April. Each of these Anniversary Event Passes will have a free reward track available to all players along with a premium pass that unlocks extra rewards. Each time an Event Pass is purchased, you will make progress towards unlocking the 6th Anniversary Six-Shooter Legendary Artifact!

Here is a preview of the upcoming 6th Anniversary of DomiNations events beginning on April 1, 2021 (dates listed include the preview window)
  • Augustus Caesar - March 31
  • Pancho Villa - April 6
  • Simón Bolivar - April 11
  • Mother Jones - April 17
  • Mahatma Gandhi - April 23
  • Nelson Mandela - April 29

6th Anniversary Six-Shooter
As mentioned earlier, players that purchase all six event Passes will unlock a new artifact, the 6th Anniversary Six-Shooter! This artifact is a War Hall Legendary with bonuses to Bazooka Damage, Bomber hitpoints, and more. Check out the stat bonuses below.

War Hall Legendary Artifact
  • Bazooka Damage +9%
  • Bazooka Damage +8%
  • Bomber Hitpoints +9%
  • Attack Helicopter Damage 9%
  • Invading Paratrooper Damage -9%

World War Chest Update
Players heading into War this month will also see a bonus to the Conqueror’s chest. For the entire month of April, enjoy improved rewards inside the Conqueror’s Chest, including a chance to receive a Legendary Artifact! You can earn a Conqueror’s chest by completing two battles in a winning War.

Here’s a list of the rewards temporarily available in the Conqueror’s Chest:

Conqueror's Chest
• Tizona Sword
• Admiral Yi's Helmet
• Recon Plane
• Vickers Virginia
• National Trade Good Shipments, Speed Ups, and other valuable Troop Tactics!
These boosted rewards will be available from 4/1 14:00 UTC to 5/1 14:00 UTC

Advancement Discount Events
Every weekend in April will include an Advancement Event that covers a different set of ages! We’re kicking it off this weekend with a 20% discount on Classical Age, Medieval Age, and Gunpowder Age upgrades to troops and buildings. Planning is important, so we’ve included a complete list of the Advancement Discount Events so that you can map out the month ahead.
  • 4/2 to 4/5: Classical-Gunpowder
  • 4/9 to 4/12: Enlightenment-Industrial
  • 4/16 to 4/19: Global-Atomic
  • 4/23 to 4/26: CW-Space
  • 4/30 to 5/3: Digital-Information
Increased Rewards
We’ve also increased the quantity and quality of rewards that players will receive from the Daily League Boat, Victory Chests, and clearing forests. The changes to these rewards are permanent and will remain after the 6th Anniversary events have ended!

6th Anniversary Giveaways
Make sure you keep an eye out on our forums and our social channels for giveaways in April. We loved reading through your favorite memories of DomiNations in our latest giveaway, and we have plans for many more ways to win prizes in the coming weeks.


Approved user
May 17, 2018
is it possible to know the pricing of each of the upcoming events for the 6th Anniversary of DomiNations?



Approved user
Mar 25, 2019
Will you be telling us in advance how much each of the following event passes will cost, so players can make informed decisions about whether to buy the early ones?

No, of course you won't.


Approved user
Aug 10, 2017

what were the improvements to video rewards, dock and league chest rewards? I don’t see the improvements

In game was a message saying video rewards were improved.


Approved user
Jun 17, 2019
Ya good luck, they will never give the prices of events in advance, thats exactly their trick to get more ppl buying the earliest ones. The first one was 1$, the 2nd is already 6$, the last one will be around 30$. I bought the 1st but forget not buying any other one...unless they tell us the price in advance and its all under 10....but i have a big doubt so wont buy more bye


Approved user
Oct 13, 2017
I assume:

$81 total

I predicted that before the second event started and was right there. We will see how accurate they all are.


Approved user
Sep 28, 2018
Great job Nexon team! I have been a longtime player for years, left for a year but been back for over a year and staying. Excellent game and always something new to plan and strategize on a ur alliance