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Hermitage chests


Approved user
Oct 13, 2017
It is really annoying opening the hermitage chests. They take some 4-5 screen taps and it is available every 4.5 hours or so. Can the reward be scaled up so that it is 1-2 times a day but more given? Also, where it collects without having to open the chest so we don’t have to tap so many times?

the daily drops also have a lot of taps. So do all chests that we have to open. That is why I stopped opening the chests in inventory. If I wait the 30 days it turns into a quick 1 tap to collect and I don’t have to open them all.

just an idea to reduce some tedium. Since you cleared some of the tedium from the treasure dock maybe you will be willing to make some of these improvements?

ps. I am sure that there are other wonder chests that are just as tedious but the only one I have is Hermitage.