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ideas on general upgrade


New member
May 16, 2022
generals are so-called powerful ones in the battlefield,but many of them are quite useless when you are in high level.some generals in the fort and stronghold are quite interesting,but I think there is much more can be approved.

1.it would be silly that generals can only make single target attack.they can make splash damage like Zhukov,or make cone attack like machine gun,or make slow but heavily fire power like AT cannon.

2.more new stylish attack ways shall be added to generals.like longer range as a bombard,or attack from the air(helicopter)will be great.others can be like sneaky tactic so defensive buildings would ignore them.or they can have the preference target(infantry,defensive buildings,etc).

3.they can call help(like Hannibal Sun Tzu or admiral yi),it will be awesome if a general can call more troops or even air strikes in war.

4.they can spread aura which can heal troops,disable buildings,protect troops or boost troops' attack.this can make them like a general which leads troops to fight.