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Impossible to connect (data connection)


Approved user
Sep 15, 2017
Hello. I have been playing Dominations only for a few weeks now, via Apple iOS on two devices (iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Mini). Loving it!

BUT... I do have a serious and recurring connection issue.

When using a wifi connection, I can play the game just fine, no problems. But when I try to connect via my mobile phone data connection (off wifi), it is totally impossible to connect. This happens even when when my mobile data connection is at full strength. I can use the device for other apps and mobile games with no problems whatsoever, but not Dominations.

All I can see is the spinning wheel icon, followed by an error message. It's exactly the same thing, every time. Again, this only happens when I try to connect via a data connection - wifi is just fine. And I only experience this problem with Dominations, not with any other game or app. See attachments. FYI I am based in Ireland and use a major mobile network (Vodafone).

I have tried to solve this issue by following some simple steps, ie:
- restart the device
- close all other apps running in the background
- ensure full data/mobile network signal strength
- ensure all apps and iOS software are completely up to date
- ensure the game is running the latest version
- ensure no issues with mobile network data connection etc.

... nothing works.

Please can you help, this issue is really restricting my ability to play and enjoy this game.

Thanks in advance.