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Join the “Sentinals” TODAY.. We’re looking for YOU!

Big Romeeyo

New member
May 15, 2021
As the saying goes...if you can’t beat’em, join’em...so Join the “Sentinals” TODAY (we have a red flag with a white hand)

CONSTANT war participation (good for earning coin, food, and oil for expedited growth).

Level 15 alliance! (Lots of perks)

15,400k glory ranking!

Strong Parliament! (Strong “Ally Relations“ and “Alliance Speed Ups”)

GENEROUS donations! (MK 11 heavy tanks, Advanced RPGs, Heavy Copters, whatever you need to kick ***)

Full of long-term, highly skilled, and chat friendly players with advanced bases of all ages. (2 Digital, 2 SpaceAge, 2 Cold War, 3 Atomic, 3 Industrial, 2 Enlightenment,
1 Medieval.......ALL BaDaSs!!!

Looking for great players...come join!