Museum FAQs

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Jun 4, 2017
Museum FAQs
  • What is the Museum?
    • The Museum is a new building in DomiNations. It is located near the edge of your city near the Alliance Gate. The Museum is available to repair starting in the Gunpowder Age. Once you repair your Museum, you can craft and display Artifacts for powerful benefits.
  • What are Artifacts?
    • Artifacts are items that provide your town and troops with bonuses. These bonuses affect your troops in battle, your economy, and even enemy attackers! You can craft Artifacts with Mysterious Fragments. Once you’ve crafted an Artifact, you can put it on display in your Museum in order to activate its benefits. All Artifacts have 5 benefits on them.
  • What does upgrading my Museum do?
    • Upgrading your Museum will increase the amount of Mysterious Fragments generated by the Museum and also unlock additional Exhibit categories to put more Artifacts on display.
  • What are Mysterious Fragments? Where do I get them?
    • Mysterious Fragments are items that you collect in order to craft Artifacts in the Museum. Once you’ve repaired your Museum, the building will generate Mysterious Fragments over time. You can also get Mysterious Fragments from winning normal battles.
  • What is “crafting”?
    • The Museum allows you to use your Mysterious Fragments to craft Artifacts. The crafting process will reward you with an Artifact from a random category. The category of an Artifact determines its benefits.
  • What are Artifact Categories?
    • Artifacts come in different categories. There are currently 5 Artifact Categories. Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, Pottery, and Legendary. You can craft Artifacts from every category except Legendary. Legendary Artifacts are rarer and cannot be crafted.
  • How do I get Legendary Artifacts?
    • Legendary Artifacts will be available from limited time events, sales, Marco Polo, and other means.
  • Do my Artifacts affect World War?
    • No, currently the Artifacts in your Museum do NOT affect World War.
  • Can I make my Artifacts stronger?
    • Yes, Artifacts can get stronger through two different ways. You can Level Up individual benefits on an Artifact and you can also Unlock additional benefits on your Artifact.
  • How do I Level Up a benefit on an Artifact?
    • Artifacts start at Level 1 with just 1 (or possibly 2) benefits unlocked. You can only level up an individual benefit on an Artifact, not the full Artifact itself. Level Up requires a specific amount of Blueprints and Food, Gold, or Oil per level. The Level Up process is instant and does not take citizens. Level 10 is the current max benefit level. That means that a fully Leveled Up Artifact has all 5 benefits leveled up to 10.
  • What is “Unlocking” an Artifact? How do I do it?
    • Artifacts have 5 benefits on them. These benefits are represented by stars. Each benefit needs to be unlocked in order for it to become active when the Artifact is put on display in your Museum. When you craft an Artifact, it will start with 1 star or in rare cases 2 stars. That means your Artifact only has 1 or 2 of its benefits unlocked. Unlocking the other benefits can be done by collecting enough Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors and using them for Unlock. Artifacts that are being Unlocked can’t be put on display in your Museum and the Unlock process takes time. After your Artifact has been Unlocked, it will gain a star and the corresponding benefit will be unlocked.
  • What are Museum Resources? Where do I find them?
    • Museum Resources are items you need to collect in order to Unlock an Artifact. There are 3 different types of Museum Resources. They are: Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors. It can take up to 2 different types of Restoration Material to Unlock an Artifact. The Museum Resources you need depend on what Star quality your Artifact is.
    • You can find Museum Resources throughout the game. They are in league boat, victory chest, and expeditions. You can see how many Museum Resources you have by clicking on the backpack icon in your Museum Exhibits screen.
  • Can other players see or steal my Artifacts?
    • No, other players can’t see what Artifacts you have in your Museum and they also cannot steal your Artifacts.
  • How do I see what benefits my Artifacts are giving me?
    • In the Museum Exhibit view, you can click on the “Active Benefits” icon to see all of the benefits provided by your Artifacts on display. It looks like a clipboard on the Active Exhibits screen.
  • Help! I’ve filled up my Artifact Storage, what do I do?
    • You can increase your Artifact Storage by purchasing additional slots with Crowns. The maximum Artifact Storage size is 100.
    • You can also sell any unwanted Artifacts. You get Mysterious Fragments and Blueprints when you sell an Artifact.
  • Do people steal my Mysterious Fragments when they attack me?
    • No, other players cannot steal your Mysterious Fragments. Mysterious Fragments earned from battle are generated depending on how well you do in battle.
  • Can I purchase a Museum sale before I repair my Museum?
    • Yes! You can purchase the sale without having a fully repaired Museum. You will receive all of the items you purchased! Artifacts and Artifact Crates will be sent to your inventory so you can claim them when the Museum is repaired. Any Museum Resources like Supplies, Researchers, Benefactors, Blueprints, or Mysterious Fragments will be sent to your Museum building. They will be ready and waiting for you to use when your Museum is repaired.
  • How does increased Vault Capacity work?
    • If you have an Artifact with increased Vault Capacity, you will gain increased resource capacity if you have that Artifact on display in your Museum. After putting resources in your Vault, you can take the Artifact off display and you won’t lose the increased Vault Capacity until you try putting in more resources next time.
  • How does Forest Clearing Cost Refund work?
    • If you have Artifacts that have the Forest Clearing Cost Refund benefit active in your Exhibit, you should receive a portion of your resources back when you start clearing a Forest. The benefit only needs to be active when the Forest Clearing is started.
  • What does “invading” troops mean? How do those benefits work?
    • Benefits that reduce invading unit’s stats work on units that are attacking your base. For example, if a benefit reduces invading general health, then the general that is deployed to attack your base will have their health reduced by the corresponding %.
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