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War Matchmaking Iteration

Saruman the White

Approved user
Nov 27, 2017
Can anyone please tell me what on earth has happened with matchmaking of late? In our last 7 consecutive wars we are being matched vs impossible to win Alliances. Do you have a sense that we're some top ranked Alliance and match us vs strong Information Age Alliance or sth? We're weak. We're among the weakest and it's fair to have a war matching vs similar to us Alliances. Why is this so hard???


New member
Dec 15, 2018
The same here. Every second war is a great mismatch. Our latest war is a joke totally.
DA 296, 291
SA 237
CWA 197, 191
AA 167, 167
GA 159
IA 145, 88

InfA 302
DA 299, 297, 293, 280, 272
SA 277
CWA 246, 225
GA 125
The war search took approx. 1,5 hours, so the matchmaking system considers that like a fair match. We have no extremely heavy bases like AA 250 or CWA 290. And don't tell me that 293 DA could have the same weight as mine 237 SA. Bullshit!