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    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    We need more strategy! Destroy museum and this new version of museum with characters called Council. This pure lucky tools, no strategy. You cannot attack a base based on there level or constructions, you need to consider that your MK you spend 3 years evolving have only 50% health because some...
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    WAR Bases order

    Can anyone explain how bases are ordered in war? What's the key to put sometimes a global 186 behind a industrial 180 and so on? I know that's something on defenses, but it is only about walls perhaps?
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    Brasil Legião - Brazilian Alliance

    Venha participar da nossa aliança, guerras e doações organizadas, listas de gerra, ordens de ataque, a verdadeira diversão com organização. Obrigatório uso de What'sapp.
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    Brasil Legião - Brazilian Alliance

    Está procurando uma aliança organizada e com guerras constantes, venha para o Brasil Legião. Uso do What'sapp obrigatório.
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    World Wars Rewards

    Alliance members from Global Age and higher are complain about War rewards are so low to them, it doesn't pay to spend resources on troops and others to battle on WW. Can you think to review rewards for high ages?
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    Aliança em Português!

    Quer participar de uma aliança organizada? Guerras com estratégia? Doações constantes? Então venha para a Brasil Legião. Jogo levado a sério sem perder a diversão! -Obrigatório uso de WhatsApp