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    A new home

    Hi fellow gamers. I was excited to see the live stream about Cold War age. I am also excited to start a new chapter in this game. Had few things come up that have kept me busy. But being one of the few players that started with this game upon release has been fun. I have ave recently been part...
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    Silo no problem

    For those complaining about the silo and using rifles. Here’s how it’s done. Pretty simple heavy units well away from your main event or main army https://youtu.be/ZaRd1E7ER7o watch the replay it’s only 1:43 but the battle itself is only 1:10 fastest time todate on a base over level 220. For...
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    Did anyone else notice that the forever 40% production increase has gone away. What happen nexon lied to again! Seriously you guys screw up 1 thing while fixing 2 others! See the problem here!
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    Wall breakers stats are not correct please fix

    Not here to make a big deal but nexon your stats are clearly wrong if u need more then screen shots I can provide! https://imgur.com/a/mRDIP it's quite clear that it's max dmg is well under what the max aa walls are and if that's the case why can a IA wall breaker get through walls 2x its level!
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    I'm sad to say do to way to many bugs glitches and cheats I'm leaving the game. I spent way to much money on this game to be treated the way this game treats Loyal members who do there best to improve the game! As a direct result I want to thank those that care about the game and those that...
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    Top 100 alliance is cheating video proof

    TinSoldier nexon this is crazy and it is stupid! I lost both my attacks trying to attack #25. This alliance is clearly deserves and alliance ban. I don't care how you do it but please help us we are loosing over 500 glory and we can't do a thing about it! This is the base on prep day clearly...
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    Axp not worrking

    TinSoldier Just wondering if anyone is showing this. We won it in war but it's not showing nor is it being added! What's going on this seems to be a real issue. Our players would like the perks others are getting. Is this an issuer for others or is it just us? https://imgur.com/a/KsSiV...
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    Tactical helicopter

    Quick video on how it works! Will say this is going to make oil very unsafe. It has a really low cost and 5 min train time. Who needs wall breakers when 5,000 hp and raiders will reach oil. https://youtu.be/nj0SoTNUyYg
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    5.7 out

    Why is it that 5.7 comes out all iOS users can't take advantage of the current factory sale while android google play sure can seems fair. Nexon I understand release issues but come on you guys got to do better. From cs being so poor with lame respones. to release issues. At least extend the 50%...
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    5.7 update soon?

    TinSoldier I'm trying to plan some long term university stuff and I'm about to finish up few short term stuff. We patching this week or next. Or very soon or soon mean end of the month?
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    Barbed wire

    does anyone know if Barbed wire reduces dmg of the wall breaker. It looks like it slows them down but don't seem to reduce dmg? If anyone has an answer that would be awesome
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    Beta replays

    TinSoldier Well thought I'd put a poll up. I really liked the war replays. Also found them to be very accurate in 80% of the time. It did seem to be the ones that got messed up the players were logging on at the time the attack was going on. For what ever reason hat seemed to mess them up. But i...
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    What would be better for dominations

    So what would you like to see in a future update?
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    A land before time

    how many remember the days when medals meant the best team and so on. My how the game has changed. The first wars! Ok let's get to the real point. If you ever spent time in a top alliance during that time. You may remember facing the same teams every single war. When no one had a clue what...
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    Thank you nexon

    Nb4powerup I would like to thank your for the wonderful war replays. All mine have been 100% perfect. Can't believe you got something done right. How ever can I have war back? Is that to much to ask for. It's amazing the effort you put into war replays just to kill war :-/ sadly I will say. If...