A new home

Angel forever

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Aug 3, 2016
Hi fellow gamers. I was excited to see the live stream about Cold War age. I am also excited to start a new chapter in this game. Had few things come up that have kept me busy. But being one of the few players that started with this game upon release has been fun.

I have ave recently been part of an alliance that went through a merger and I am happy to say that I have started a new alliance. A new home. Once we get it off the ground We will get a new name for it. With that being said any and all are welcome to come by swing in for a quick stay or
longer. No requirements at this time!

back to Cold War age. I was disappointed to see no new generals no new wonders no new houses. Something much needed or even the ability to buy a house or estates. Also now USA or RUSIAN nations seems a bit strange. Also be on big huge games someone who understand the buildings would be a better presentation. I really am looking forward to a new age.

It dont look like the strategy will change much with Cold War age but time will be the true test. Love the new Barracks perks. Think that will help the offense out as this game has really changed to focus more on defense! Defense is great for war but if you can’t loot you can’t upgrade.

To to the rest of this community good luck as we move into a new age. It’s been a pleasure gaming with you all. Look forward to seeing you on the battle field. For the newer ones to the forums here’s a quick battle of the very powerful British nation https://youtu.be/r_ZFGhOCh_k